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The roles of ball mill liners

The roles of ball mill liners

Ball mill liner is used to protect thecylinder, the cylinder from the grinding body and the material directly impact and friction, but also can use different forms of liner to adjust the movement of the grinding body to enhance the grinding of the material on the grinding,help to improve the mill grinding efficiency, increase production, and reduce metal consumption.

The role of liner

1. To protect the ball mill cylinder walland end cap is not grinding body wear.

2. Adjust the grinding body movement state,so that the grinding body in the mill during the operation of the energyobtained a reasonable use. Such as in a warehouse ladder lining or lining theliner can make the height of the large grinding body to enhance the height ofthe grinding body with a large kinetic energy to crush the material, in thefine grinding warehouse corrugated liner or flat liner, so that grinding thegrinding effect of enhanced.

3. To a certain extent, enhance the stiffness of the cylinder.

4. Grading liner can be inside the ballsteel ball diameter according to the axis of the mill for the positiveclassification, so that the diameter of the ball in the grinding process tofully play a role. The most common wear phenomenon of the ball mill liner isthe formation of a groove shape. In order to avoid this, various improvementshave been made to the surface shape of the ball mill liner so that the abrasivebody falls from one of the various chutes of the distribution.

Classification of liners

1. According to the installation site, canbe divided into head cover liner, cylinder liner and grinding liner.

2. According to the material can be dividedinto metal liner, rubber liner, cast stone liner (cement industry generally usemetal liner).

3. According to the shape of the surface canbe divided into flat liner, corrugated liner, convex edge liner, pressureliner, ladder liner, hemispherical liner, tapered liner, double curved liner,Groove liner and so on.

4. In accordance with the connection, canbe divided into bolt liner and no bolt lining.

5. According to the function can be dividedinto ordinary lining and grading liner.

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