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Rare earth rotary kiln

Rare earth rotary kiln

Rare earth is a kind of material separatedfrom heavy ore, known as the industry "gold", after processing therare earth can be used in military, metallurgy, petroleum, glass ceramics andother fields. The rare earth processing is essential rotary kiln equipment,after calcination, before it can be used in various industries. Rare eart hrotary kiln energy saving is mainly reflected in the fuel, cooling, waste heatutilization in three areas:

Rare earth rotary kiln energy saving - fuel

Rare earth rotary kiln calcination requiresthe use of fuel, mainly divided into gas, solid, liquid and mixture of fourmajor categories, and to use more to be coal (solid fuel), coal also belongs toa large resource, If the rare earth rotary kiln in the use of coal powdercalcination can focus on energy saving issues, you can save a lot of resourcesfor the country. The energy-saving issues for the coal should pay attention tothree points: First, choose a reasonable coal control indicators, choose the finerthe pulverized coal, the faster the combustion, calcination will not burn thewaste rate will be much lower; the second is reasonable of the excess aircoefficient, the amount of regular exhaust can be to some extent, to ensurethat heat is not wasted, thereby saving the amount of pulverized coalcombustion; Third, a reasonable burner structure.

Rare Earth Rotary Furnace Energy Saving -Waste Heat Utilization

For rare earth rotary kiln waste heat,waste heat recovery and reuse, but also a way to save energy, after thecompletion of production, pay attention to kiln dust, moisture, clinker, fluegas emissions and other away the heat loss, still can achieve energy saving Theeffect of consumption, such as kiln dust, is not much for heat losses, but it ispossible to reduce some of the heat loss by reducing the amount of kiln dustspilled, as well as reducing the energy consumption of moisture removal andclinker cooling heat loss.

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