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Building ceramic rotary kiln performance characteristics

Building ceramic rotary kiln performance characteristics

As a new type of environmental protection material, ceramsite is widely used in petroleum, construction, chemical industry and sewage treatment industries. Ceramsite rotary kiln is the key equipment for ceramsite production. The performance of ceramsite directly affects the quality and production cost of finished ceramsite . In view of the different characteristics and requirements of ceramsite and traditionalcalcined materials, the series of new ceramsite rotary kilns developed by ourcompany have the advantages of good quality, large capacity, high operationrate, energy-saving and environmental protection, easy operation andmaintenance and long service life. It can significantly reduce the operating costs of equipment, but also in line with national environmental protection and energy saving industrial policy.

1. The main drive system uses a new type of AC variable frequency speed control technology, compared with the traditionalelectromagnetic speed control, DC speed control, more energy saving, and speedrange, high efficiency, speed control accuracy, smooth operation;

2. In order to facilitate the installation,commissioning, while ensuring that the main drive overhaul or other anomaliescan still operate the disk kiln, with a slow disk kiln Auxiliary drive system thatcan prevent the kiln cylinder in the cooling process of bending Deformation.

3. Supporting the roller bearing device andgear support base is completed, after vibration aging treatment to eliminatewelding stress, the use of large-scale vertical lathe and boring and milling machine for integrated manufacturing, to ensure that the various parts of themachining accuracy and shape tolerance Requirements, can significantly improvethe overall accuracy and reliability of the installation.

4. Using finite element analysis softwareon the kiln cylinder thermodynamic calculation and analysis, so that there is aspecific gap between the belt and the cylinder to ensure that the cylinder inthe normal working condition (hot) with no gap between the tight belt With theeffective increase in the stiffness of the cylinder at the same time, but alsoto prevent due to its tight fit and cylinder contraction occurred.

5. According to the characteristics ofceramsite and its calcining process requirements, the whole structureoptimization design of the kiln head and kiln tail section has been solved tosolve the problem of kiln tailings return and dust leakage in the same rotarykiln, Smooth, natural.

6. Kiln head, kiln seal with heat-resistantsteel scale seal instead of the traditional labyrinth seal, the sealingperformance is more excellent, more reliable, and longer life, replacement isalso extremely convenient, can significantly reduce its maintenance cost.

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