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Ceramic ball mill characteristics and scope of application

Ceramic ball mill characteristics and scope of application

Ceramic ball mill is a kind of ball mill,the difference with the general ball mill is that its liner is made of ceramic,its smaller capacity for mixing and grinding small quantities of materials can be dry or wet mill. Compared with other ball mill, ceramic ball mill featuresthe following:

1. Liner type can be changed: Ceramic ballmill according to the production of different materials, you can use adifferent liner to meet different needs;

2. The scope of application: In addition tothe ceramic ball mill grinding, but also in large-scale stone factory in thematerial in the broken, finely divided and ultra-fine broken, and can process avariety of ore;

3. Good energy-saving: ceramic ball mill inthe work can decompress start, reduce the starting current, so moreenergy-saving;

4. The product size uniformity: Because theceramic ball mill outlet with a board in the control of the particle size ofthe material, the material is too large to discharge from the discharge port,so the product of large material content, to meet the requirements of thematerial particles and more ;

5. Small footprint: Compared with otherball mill, ceramic ball mill length is short, so its small footprint, this canreduce the cost of good land input;

6. Stable operation: the host ball millceramic drive with sealed gear, so enhance the stability of transmission;

7. Low price: compared to other ball mill,ceramic ball mill low cost, fast recovery of costs.

These are the main advantages of ceramicball mills. Although ceramic ball mills are suitable for all minerals, they areusually more advantageous in material grinding where the iron content andcleanliness of the material are high, as they are relatively less productiveand of course we can use multiple devices at the same time to increaseproduction. Ceramic ball mill commonly used in ceramic glaze, ultrafine quartzpowder and other materials on the iron content and cleanliness of demandingfine grinding operations.

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