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TH type bucket elevators manufacturer

TH type bucket elevators manufacturer

TH series of bucket elevator is widely used vertical transmission equipment for conveying all kinds of polished bulk materials and pieces of material, the material temperature below 250 , such as cement, sand, soil coal, grain, etc.. And it widely used in building materials,electricity, metallurgy, machinery, chemical and other industries.

Application scope: For metallurgy, buildingmaterials, coal, electricity, light industry, food, ports, chemicals, ships andother industries.

Product advantages:

TH series bucket elevator has theadvantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, smooth operation, smallfootprint, large conveying capacity, high lifting height and good sealingperformance.

1) Simple structure, good sealing;

2) High capacity, high lifting height;

3) Small footprint, compact layout, lightweight equipment, civil construction investment is low.


1) Hoist chain with low alloy steelforging, and carburizing quenching treatment, with a strong tensile strengthand wear resistance, reliable connection with the hopper.

2) The middle shell of the hoisting machineadopts 3mm steel plate bending structure, good rigidity, small weldingdeformation, improve the overall performance of the bucket elevator, connectingflange with 63 × 63 × 6 equilateral angle, and in the chassis set themaintenance door, in order to observe, check the internal work of the hoist,the failure to facilitate maintenance.

3) In the chassis connection parts usinggasket seal, so that the chassis shape beautiful, tight seal.

4) The tensioner of the hoist is screwed toadjust the degree of tightening of the drive chain and to prevent deviation. Inorder to make the tension sprocket in the uneven tension will not occur afterthe tilt, the lower bearing and bearing between the spherical combination ofthe usage of self-aligning bearings, play a role in self-aligning.

5) The feed inlet is divided into high andlow positions: the height is at an angle of 60 ° to the horizontal plane and isused to transport less dispersed materials such as moisture and powder. The lowlevel is at an angle of 45 ° to the horizontal and used to transport dry andscattered good material, and the location of the feed port is higher than thecenter of the bottom axis 100 ~ 150mm, so that the formation of loading anddigging combined to avoid the feed port aggregate blockage. And reduce thenumber of elevator running resistance, and increase the bucket fill factor.

TH series bucket elevators has the featuresof high capacity, reliable working, small area needed, high lifting height andeasy maintenance.

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