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Ball Mills Common Wear Parts and Causes

Ball Mills Common Wear Parts and Causes

The average life span of ball mils wearingparts is short and long, so in order to shorten the equipment maintenance time and avoid the normal operation of the equipment, it is necessary to replace theparts with problems in time. So what are the common ball mill wearing parts?What is the stock of reserves in the warehouse?

First, the common wear parts of ball millsinclude

The cylinder liner, the end cap liner, themain bearing bushing, the transmission bearing liner, the liner bolt, the inletand outlet pipe, the grid plate, the spoon of the feeder, the feeder housing,the pinion, the ring gear, and the like.

Second, wear and tear on the ball mills

1. Deformation and wear. When the ball andmaterial of the ball mill slide relative to each other and impact each other,besides bearing the wear of cutting and chisel, as well as the deformation ofthe furrow and the deformation of the chisel, the metal is pushed to theoutside of the edge of the furrow and the pit, and repeats. With the action andrepeated metal deformation, cracks occur due to strain fatigue, and the cracksexpand and connect to form a plough slice and fall off from the ball surface.

2. Fragile peeling. During the impact processof the ball mill ball, the brittle phase cracks, breaks, peels off from thesurface and causes wear.

3. Fatigue and wear. The grinding body of theball mill undergoes repeated sliding and rolling during the upward movement ofthe grinding wheel, and is repeatedly impacted during the falling phase. Underthe action of constant impact stress, contact pressure stress and shear stress,fatigue cracks are formed on the surface of the grinding ball, and the cracksare parallel. The surface expands and forms an exfoliation layer extendingtoward the surface. Nucleation and expansion on the surface of the castingdefect will cause macroscopic fatigue spalling.

4. Cutting and drilling wear. The steel ballslides relative to the material in the ascending phase of the movement of theball mill barrel, and the deeper grooves are cut out by the hard components inthe material. The softer material cuts the ball relatively shallowly andcontacts the material at a certain angle. The grinding ball generates localchisel wear and forms a chisel pit.

The above is the average lifespan and causeof ball mill wearing parts shared by ZK CORP. If you want to know more aboutthis, please contact our online customer service.

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