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Limonite ore dressing optimization measures

Limonite ore dressing optimization measures

Limonite refers to compounds containingiron that can be extracted. In the early days of the development of worldcivilization, iron has been widely used in people's lives. In the consumptionof metals, iron consumption has been at the top and accounts for about 95% ofthe total consumption. The current limonite is mainly used in the iron andsteel industry. Iron and steel products are also filled with people's lives. Itis a veritable national standard material.

Limonite mineral processing equipment andtechnology

Limonite ore is mainly processed by magnetic ore dressing. The equipment used includes jaw crusher, classifier,ball mill, magnetic separator and concentrator. For different magnetic ironore, there are different processes. For the poorly magnetic iron-poor ore,“three elections and one burning” are used: re-election, magnetic separation,flotation, and roasting magnetic separation. For ferromagnetic iron ore, it isdirectly magnetic separation method. The limonite is a weak magnetic ore, themain application is the former.

1. Roasting temperature: Today's roastingmethod is based on reducing roasting, when the ore is heated to a specifiedtemperature of reduction, a certain amount of gas is introduced to ensure that thetemperature is between 800 and 1000 degrees Celsius, because this temperatureis even more suitable for limonite roasting environment.

2. Ratio of fuel and raw materials: Acertain amount of fuel supports a certain amount of raw materials during roasting.This ratio is different depending on the amount of iron in the ore. The currentuse in the steel industry is vertical. Furnace roasting consumes 200,000 kcalper ton of fuel.

3. Beneficiation process: The effectivevolume of selected roasting equipment is 50 cubic meters. The size of orepellets should be 10mm or more. When producing 15 tons, the combustion chambertemperature should be above 1000 degrees Celsius.

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