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Three Considerations for Ball Mill in Production and Processing

Three Considerations for Ball Mill in Production and Processing

The operation of the ball mill is very important and involves many factors, including: ball mill grinding method, ore feed rate, media addition system, grinding machine rotation speed, grinding concentration, etc., and formulate a reasonable operating system to improve the operation of ball mill operators. Operational level and timely adjustment ofthe changed ball mill grinding operation parameters are important guaranteesfor obtaining a good ball mill grinding and beneficiation index.

In order to better understand and use the ball mill, we will introduce the following points of attention to the ballmill:

The first is the speed of ball feeding tothe mine: After the ball mill has adjusted the working parameters of the miner,the amount of feed to the grinding mill should be kept constant, or it shouldbe changed within a very narrow range. This is generally the case with wet ballmills for control purposes. The amount of water ensures the proper grindingconcentration and fineness of the ball mill. The feed to the ball mill must beuniform. With the increase of ore feed rate, the content of qualified particlesin the ore discharge of the ball mill is reduced, while the absolute number ofqualified particles produced by the ball mill is increasing, power consumptionis reduced, and grinding efficiency of the ball mill is significantly improved.When the nature of the ore changes, the working conditions of the ball millgrinding machine should be adjusted in time to establish balance.

Then there is the concentration of the ballmill pulp: the appropriate grinding concentration of the ball mill should be toenable the solid material to move evenly along the surface of the grindingmedia while facilitating the flow of material from the feed end of the ballmill to the ore discharge end. If the slurry is too thick, the viscosityincreases, the grinding medium is also affected by buoyancy, the effectivedensity of the ball mill is reduced, the impact force is weakened, and even theball of the ball mill is brought out of the ball mill, or the ball mill grid isblocked, and the production efficiency of the ball mill is drastically reduced.. When the pulp is thin, the fine-grain ore sinks if an overflow ball mill isused. At this point the product will become fine, and easy to produce oversmash, generally when the size of the larger ore, the cycle load is higher, theball mill grinding concentration is close to 80% is appropriate, when the orecontains more sludge, need to use The lower grinding concentration is such thatthe slurry concentration is generally about 70%. When the ball mill containsmore mud, the viscosity and concentration of the slurry will increase. In orderto improve the fluidity and stability of the slurry, dispersants andflocculants may be properly added without affecting the beneficiation of theball mill. The last is the speed of the ball mill: The current speed of themill is about 75%, most of which is below 85%. The speed of the ball mill isslightly lower, and it is difficult to achieve high productivity. Theexperience of some concentrators in China shows that the speed of the ball millis properly increased. The output of the ball mill has a certain increase, butthe increase is small, and the energy and liner consumption is very serious.The vibration of the ball mill is also intensified. Therefore, if you want tocontrol the ball mill must start from these three aspects in order to achieve betterand more efficient work efficiency.

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