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Vertical Grinding Mill Roller Bearing Installation Method

Vertical Grinding Mill Roller Bearing Installation Method

Grinding roller is one of the key componentsof vertical roller mill. The manufacturing quality of the roller directly affects theperformance and quality of the mill. Domestic roll mills usually have a seriesof problems, such as short roller bearing life, easy to get stuck, and highroller oil temperature. The cause of the above problems is caused by improperinstallation of roller bearings. The following ZK CORP will share and discusshow to install and disassemble vertical roller bearings.

First, the installation of bearings

1. Auxiliary tools for installation

(1) Cranes (capable of lifting a grindingroller);

(2) Workbench for vertical placement ofgrinding rolls;

(3) A tank for oil bath heating bearings.

2. The installation of bearings

(1) Place the roller shaft upright, andinstall the bearing with its end facing up. Take out the inner ring of thecylindrical roller bearing and put it into the tank to slightly heat it. Theheating temperature should not be lower than 50°C, and the maximum should notexceed 100°C. Apply grease to the inner ring of the bearing and then installthe inner ring in place until it contacts the shaft shoulder.

(2) Install the inner isolation bushing inplace.

(3) Heat the inner race of the tapered ballbearing and the ball retainer assembly to 100°C with an oil bath, and installthe above bearing parts on the roller shaft until they contact the spacerbushing.

(4) Bolt the shaft end cap to the shaft endto tighten the above-mentioned components.

(5) The hub is placed in an annealing furnacefor heating. The heating temperature should be controlled at 80 to 100°C.

(6) Remove the hub from the annealingfurnace, screw the end cap onto the hub, and then place the hub vertically on theworkbench with the end cap facing downwards. The height of the table should beappropriate, that is, when the bearing is installed in place, there is acertain distance from the ground after the roller shaft is inserted to ensurethat the roller shaft can rotate freely.

(7) Insert the outer ring of the cylindricalroller bearing and the ball retainer assembly until it contacts the end cap.

(8) Install the outer isolation bushing untilit contacts the outer ring of the cylindrical roller bearing.

(9) Insert the roller shaft and pre-installedbearing parts vertically into the hub from above.

(10) When inserting the inner ring of thecylindrical roller bearing into the ball cage assembly, rotate the roller shaftto avoid bearing scratches.

(11) Once the tapered roller bearing supportsthe shaft, it should immediately rotate the roller shaft again. This allows areasonable clearance of the tapered roller bearing and avoids tilting of theroller.

(12) Insert the upper outer ring of thetapered roller bearing into the hub until it contacts the spacer ring of thebearing. Rotate the roller again.

(13) While rotating the roller shaft, tightenthe cap on the hub to press the outer ring of the bearing tightly. During thecooling of the hub, tighten the bolt a few times with a torque wrench and turnthe roller at the same time.

(14) After cooling the hub, tighten the boltson the end cap again with a torque wrench.

The above installation process should beperformed continuously so that both the hub and the bearing assembly are in ahigh temperature and expansion state. After all the screws are tightenedproperly, the grinding roller is placed horizontally, and the installation workof the roller bearing is completed at this point, and the subsequentinstallation of the sealing device can be performed.

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