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Maintenance of Roll Crusher

Maintenance of Roll Crusher

The reasonable maintenance of the roll crusher and the correct operation and use can ensure long-term continuous workand reduce the downtime, only the normal management and for the normal work ofthe roll crusher to check every day, to prevent failure, to ensure itscontinuous work. How to maintain the roll crusher?

First, pay attention to the following mattersduring operation

(1) Attention should be paid to thetightening of bolts of various components. If loosening is found, tighten themimmediately.

(2) Pay attention to check the wearing degreeof wearing parts and pay attention to replacing worn parts at any time.

(3) The bearing temperature should becontrolled and the temperature rise must not be higher than the ambient air 25to 30.

(4) Before starting work, the roller crushermust be started. After the rotation speed is normal, feed the machine again.The procedure is reversed when parking.

(5) Regularly check the discharge port. Ifany blockage is found, it should be cleared.

(6) The machine should not be overloaded.Always pay attention to the electrical instrument.

(7) The bearing refueling should be timely,and does not cause the oil leakage in the bearing.

(8) The bottom plane of the movable deviceshall be freed of dust and other materials so that when the roller crusherencounters ungraspable materials, the movable bearing cannot move on the bottomframe, resulting in serious accidents.

Second, the roll crusher operation productionsite

To ensure the output of the roller crusher,the feeding must be continuously and evenly distributed on the rollers. Checkwhether there is any clogging at the material outlet and stop the feedingbefore the motor stops working. When the material falls off completely, themotor will stop turning when the roller is idle.Ifthe feeding is not uniform along the length of the roller, the roller surfacewears not only quickly, but also uneven wear occurs at all points, an annulargroove will appear, so that the normal crushing work will be destroyed, and thegranularity of the broken product will be uneven.Therefore,in addition to the coarse crusher, the medium and fine crusher crushers, impactcrushers, compound crushers and single crushers are usually equipped withfeeders to ensure continuous and uniform feeding. And the length of the feederis equal to the length of the rollers so that the feed is uniform along thelength of the rollers.

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