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Cement Rotary Kiln Heating Methods

Cement Rotary Kiln Heating Methods

Cement rotary kiln is mainly used forcalcination of cement clinker, dry production of cement kilns and wetproduction of cement kilns two categories. Cement rotary kilns are widely usedin metallurgy, chemical industry, building refractories, sanitation and otherindustries. Cement rotary kiln is a kind of calcination equipment, which needsheating in operation.

There are two ways to heat cement rotarykiln, one is the method of inside heating, and the other is the way of externalheating.

Internal heating rotary kiln materials anddirect contact with the flame and flue gas can be achieved through the furnaceoxidation or reduction atmosphere, the inner wall of the brick masonry brick,head and tail hood lining of high-strength wear-resistant castable, head andtail cover and tube body between the flexible seal, dust and leakage can becompletely put an end to the dust. Can take multi-file support, the cylinderlength of 60 meters, the maximum temperature up to 1600 . Largeoutput, for the liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, gas, fuel oil, coal, coaland so on.

External heating rotary kiln material andthe flame and flue gas are not in direct contact with the heat source in thefurnace and the cylinder through the heat-resistant steel tube wall heattransfer to heat the material, furnace lining refractory fiber, energy saving.Limited by the heating method and cylinder material, the general length ofcylinder 15 meters, heating temperature 1200 . Yieldsmaller, suitable for heating methods: electric, gas, fuel, coal and so on.

The above is the introduction of theheating method of cement rotary kiln, the user can choose according to theirown situation rotary kiln heating, so as to better the production, to ensurethe expected production before the start.

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