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Vertical mill for cement grinding

Vertical mill for cement grinding

1. Before vertical cement grinding mill machine opreparation

(1)First of all, check whether the normal operation of the rotating parts of the mill and thelubrication point has been injected with the right amount of oil (as described above).

(2)Followed byadjusting the limit device so that the gap between the disc and roller 5 to 10mm (should be rotate disc to check).

(3)Finally ensurethe accumulator is inflated, which pressure should be have 60 to 70% of themain cylinder working pressure. Keep the hydraulic system in working condition.

2. Start cement grinding vertical mill machine order:

Start: open theoil pump (oil pressure 0.25Mpa time 5 ~ 10 minutes) open the hydraulic station oil pump open the separator to the working speed open the fan open the reversing valve lift roller (height of about 10-30mm) open the main motor cutting (first open star unloader, afteropening the belt scale) drop roller pressure, the order of shutdown and boot sequence is justthe opposite.

3. The operation ofthe vertical mill and its description

After the millstarts, according to the starting sequence, the material is fed with the setvalue, the hydraulic system is operated to drop the roller, the oil pump motorof the hydraulic station is to adjust working pressure to make the system reachequilibrium. Meanwhile, adjust the rotor speed of the separator to meet theproducts fitness requirements (the specific method is that first separator istransferred to a higher speed, according to product sampling and analysisresults to adjust the rotor speed, get the required fineness). At present, theclassifier motor is transferred to 25HZ, the rotor speed is 215r / min, and thefineness of coal powder is up to more than 90% of the 200 mesh. If theclassifier motor is transferred to the 30HZ rotor speed of 260r / min, thefineness of coal powder reaches 200 mesh more than 94% pass rate; separatormotor in the 25HZ-30HZ adjustment between the fineness of coal can meet therequirements.

In the aboveoperation, attention should be paid to the main motor current changes, the mainreducer bearings and roller bearing temperature changes. During mill operatenormal, the main reducer bearing temperature should be below 70 , roller bearing temperature should be less100. At the same time should also be carefullyobserved mill abnormal sound or phenomenon, if so, you should be promptly ruledout, when necessary, should be shut down after processing, then press the bootsequence to restart the mill.

Operation processshould also be based on the moisture content of materials, adjust thetemperature of the gas out of the mill, the greater the moisture of materials,and out of the grinding gas temperature should be higher, but into the grindinggas temperature shall not exceed 300 .

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