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Cement Industry Dust Collector Classification

Cement Industry Dust Collector Classification

Dust collector  can be divided into many types according to different classification methods, for different working conditions and handling different dust.

1. Dry and wetconditions of the collection smoke classification

When the dust isdry, you can choose to use the following dust removal equipment: gravity dustcollector, inertia dust collector, dry electrostatic precipitator, bag filter, orcyclone dust collector.

When the dustappears slurry, you can choose to use the following dust removal equipment:water film dust collector, foam filter, the impact of dust collector, Venturitube dust collector, or wet electrostatic precipitator.

2. Dust efficiencyclassification

Low dust removalequipment (<60%): inertial dust collector, gravity precipitator, water bathprecipitator

Medium DustRemoval Equipment (60-95%): Cyclone Dust Collector, Water Film Dust Collector,Self-excited Duster, Spray Duster

Good efficientdust removal equipment (>95%): electrostatic precipitator, bag filter,Venturi tube dust collector, air filter

3. Working statusclassification

According to the dustcollector working condition in the dust removal system, the dust remover canalso be divided into positive pressure dust collector and negative pressuredust catcher two kinds. Then the temperature is divided into high and lowtemperature dust collector and high temperature dust collector two categories.According to the size of dust can also be divided into small dust collector,medium-sized precipitator, large dust collector and large dust collector.

4. Dust removalmechanism and different function of dust

Based on"environmental protection equipment classification and naming" (HJ /T 11-1996) method points, dust collector is divided into the following seventypes.

gravity and inertial dust removal devicesinclude: gravity settling chamber, baffle-type dust collector.

cyclone dust removal devices include:single-tube cyclone dust collector, multi-cylinder cyclone dust collector.

wet dust removal devices include:spray-type precipitator, impulse precipitator, water film dust collector, foamprecipitator, ramp gate dust collector, Venturi tube dust collector.

filter layer dust collector, including:particle layer dust collector, porous material dust, paper filter, fiber-filledfilter.

bag dust removal devices include:mechanical vibration dust collector, electric vibration dust collector,sub-room backflush dust collector, nozzle blowback dust collector, vibrationdust collector, pulse jet dust collector.

electrostatic dust removal devicesinclude: plate electrostatic precipitator, tubular electrostatic precipitator,wet electrostatic precipitator.

combined dust collector, including: Inorder to improve dust removal efficiency, often "setting coarse dustremoval device in the former level , setting fine particle dust removal device in the latter," thevarious types of series combination of dust removal device.

In addition, withthe increasingly stringent air pollution control regulations, sometimes gasdust removal device will increase the function of flue gas desulfurization,derived from flue gas desulfurization device.

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