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Small scale marble processing in plant cone crusher machinery price

Small scale marble processing in plant cone crusher machinery price

Cone crusher is very popular in our country,especially in our mining machinery industry, its advantages are mainly largecrushing ratio, high efficiency, and uniform particle size produced, which isthe normal equipment for mine crushing. The following are the points ofattention of the cone crusher summarized in the ZK CORP.

1. The start of the cone crusher is alsostressful, do not start the load, so as to avoid accidents.

2. When we do not use equipment, the order ofshutdown must be to stop the feeder and allow the crusher to stop after the orethat has entered the crushing chamber is broken.

3. Cone crusher work should always check thepressure of the locking system and the work of the hydraulic station, andhandle the problem in time.

4. The cone crusher on the rolling wallreplacement. The rolling wall has U-shaped screws on the adjusting ring, andthe zinc alloy is injected between them to make them tightly combined. Whennewly installing or replacing the rolling wall, the fastening should be checkedafter 6-8 hours of work, and Tighten the U-bolt again.

5. Replacement of cone crushing wall. Theconical crushing wall is fixed on the conical body with a conical head. Zincalloy is cast between the conical crushing walls. After 6-8 hours of working onthe newly installed or newly replaced conical crushing wall, the fasteningconditions should be checked and the looseness should be immediately tightenedsolid.

6. The cone crusher gear is better, due tofriction to make the disc wear, affecting the gear gap changes, in order toensure the normal meshing of the gear must be added on the bottom cover gasket,the thickness of the gasket shall be equal to the wear of the circular plate.

Cone crusher will inevitably have manyproblems in the process of use, but as long as you carefully do not have toomany problems.

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