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Talking About the Maintenance of Heavy Apron Feeder

Talking About the Maintenance of Heavy Apron  Feeder

Heavy apronfeeders are widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials and coal andother industrial sectors. This machine is mainly used under the silo and funnelwith a certain storage pressure. It can evenly and continuously transport allkinds of large bulk density materials to crushing, sieving and transportationequipment in a short distance. It is especially suitable for use below theprimary scrap. It is not only suitable for handling coarse-grained materials,but also for fine-grained materials. Let's take a look at how to maintain theheavy plate feeder in the application.

First, thepreparation of heavy apron feeder before operation

Before thefeeder can be started, a thorough inspection of the equipment must be carriedout: Check the lubrication of each lubrication area. Each axle oil cup,sprocket shaft nozzle, reducer chassis, motor bearings and other parts of theoil is sufficient, the oil meets the standard requirements. The head and tailbearing and the carrier chain wheel and the bearing of the roller must befilled once every shift. The bolts of the various parts of the body must not beloosened and must be fastened and secured. Check the tightness and consistencyof the chain on both sides of the feeder, the degree of tightness isinconsistent or loose, and adjust in time. Check if the components of eachmechanism are in good condition, and if any damages, open welds, cracks, etc.,are promptly maintained. Whether the small iron plate shaft and the supportingroller move. The pins and links in each department are loose. Safety devicessuch as gear covers, side guards, guard rails, etc. are secure. Department ofelectronic control instruments, electronically controlled switches and wiringare normal and intact. Is the motor speed control handle flexible and at thelowest speed position. Wear personal protective equipment.

Second, thedaily maintenance of heavy apron feeder

Heavy apronfeeders should always keep a certain thickness of material on the chain plateduring use, generally should not be less than 500 mm, and it is not allowed todischarge materials directly on the chain plate under unloading state. Whenunloading is unavoidable, a layer of scrap material should be laid on the chainplate before discharge to prevent direct impact on the chain plate. When largepieces of material are clogged, it is not allowed to use the form of blasting.When installing the main shaft device rolling bearing, the minimum radialclearance should be about 0.08 mm, the radial clearance reduction should bebetween 0.09-0.11 mm, and the minimum clearance of the tensioning devicerolling bearing should be about 0.55 mm. The radial reduction should beguaranteed. A small amount can be between 0.06-0.07 mm. When replacing thechain plate, the chain plate and caterpillar chain are bolted together, and thebolts must be coated with 271 Loctite anaerobic adhesive to prevent loosening.The tightening distance of each bolt is 750-900N.M. The operator details to thesuccessor the operation status of the equipment, problems and existingproblems, strictly perform the transition procedures, and fill in the recordsbefore they can work. The operator should be familiar with the structuralprinciple of the machine. Before every shift, check whether the parts arenormal and whether the bolts of the chain plate are loose. After theinspection, there is no abnormality and the operation can be started. Payattention to check the working condition of the chain plate, especially whetherthe bolts are loose or not, and keep the chain tight and proper. If anydeviation is found, adjust the tension device. Abnormal sounds and malfunctionsduring operation should be stopped immediately, and the cause of the accidentmust be carefully checked to eliminate the malfunction. In addition to payingattention to routine maintenance during use, it is also necessary to regularlycheck maintenance and replace wear parts in time.

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