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The Advantages of Wet Ball Mills in the Work

The Advantages of Wet Ball Mills in the Work

The ball mill is an importantgrinding equipment. According to the characteristics of the mineral material,wet ball mill or dry ball mill can be selected. The wet ball mill has highgrinding efficiency and convenient operation, and has been widely used. Theamount of water added to the wet ball mill directly affects the grindingeffect. The amount of water added is generally determined according to the useof the mineral material, the volume of the cylinder, the amount of the clay,and the value of the clay water absorption. Here we look at the workingprinciple and advantages of the wet ball mill.

First, wet ball mill workingprinciple

Prior to the operation of the wetball mill, the water and mineral materials are loaded together, and the amountof water added is slightly greater than the amount of the mineral material.When the amount of water is too small, the concentration is too high and thesteel ball movement is hindered, affecting the grinding effect, and the mineralmaterial and steel balls may also be discharged. Without the phenomenon, theamount of water added is too large, the crushing capacity of the steel ball isreduced, and the mineral material does not reach the ideal crushing effect.Therefore, it is important to determine the appropriate amount of water beforegrinding. The wet ball mill has a horizontal structure, the motor drives themill barrel to rotate continuously, and the mineral material, steel ball,water, etc. will rise and fall. The horizontal structure can reduce the centerof gravity of the whole machine and increase the contact area between themineral material and the steel ball. Wet type the ball media and the mineralmaterial inside the ball mill barrel are under the action of gravity, and thefeed device spirally enters the first chamber of the mill evenly through thehollow shaft of the feed material. There is a step liner or a corrugated linerand different specification steel in a warehouse. The ball is coarsely ground inthis chamber, and then enters the second position of the wet ball mill. Thechamber is set with a flat liner and contains smaller steel balls. The materialis ground finely here, and the milled material is discharged. Wet ball millsgenerally choose overflow ore discharge to save energy.

Second, the advantages of wetball mill

1, High wet grinding efficiency.Mineral grinding adopts wet grinding, which can effectively avoid thephenomenon of “closure” of cracks in minerals. For wet grinding, for the brokenand cracked ore particles, the liquid ball grinding medium will enter theformed crack gap and block the closing of cracks. It will effectively make thecracks spread quickly and will greatly improve the grinding efficiency.

2, Wet grinding energy consumptionis low. The wet ball mill selects overflow ore discharge, the mineral materialis continuously ground, and the flow direction is changed to the dischargeport. When the discharge surface is higher than the ore slurry surface, thegrinded and qualified mineral materials are discharged under the action ofgravity, utilizing the slurry itself. The role of gravity discharge, greatlysave energy, wet ball mill configuration dedicated grinding motor, transmissionof greater power, reduce the overall energy consumption.

3, Strong environmentalperformance. The wet ball mill is equipped with professional dust removaldevice and waste water collection device to reduce the dust pollution duringthe grinding process, and the discharged waste water is effectively treated.The tailings section adopts effective dust suppression measures to reduce dustpollution, and the wet ball mill adopts preferential selection method forpreselection. Throw away waste, improve product quality, reduce the phenomenonof over-grinding of mineral materials.

4, The machine is durable. Thewet ball mill is made of wear-resisting materials to make wearing parts.Optimized design, less wear in the grinding process, low failure rate of thewhole machine, longer life, can greatly reduce the user's production andmaintenance costs, and bring higher for the user, longer benefits.

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