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Energy-saving Ball Mill Application in the Mining Industry

Energy-saving Ball Mill Application in the Mining Industry

In the beneficiation industry, ball mills are widely used to process various minerals such as cement, silicate products, metal ores, and non-metallic ores. After being ground by a ball mill, the number of mine items is greatly increased, and the discharge fineness is generally between 0.075-0.89 mm. The ball mill is generally in the crushing stage. Under the new era, the state pays more attention to energy saving and consumption reduction. In the next few years, the development of ball mills will focus on the key word “energy saving”.

First, the energy situation is grim, "energy saving" into keywords

In resource-based industries, energy conservation and consumption reduction are the trend of the times and “energy saving” is the key word. At present, the energy situation in the country is grave, and the energy and resource demands show a rigid growth. Most of the energy sources are depleted and the environment is no longer able to bear. In order to protect the environment, save energy resources, and achieve sustainable development, all walks of life need to pay more attention to energy conservation and consumption reduction, and advocate the use of energy-saving. The equipment is also the same in the beneficiation field. Energy-saving beneficiation ball mills are more popular. To improve the energy-saving characteristics of the ball mills, we must rely on new technologies and new materials, persist in innovation, and regard energy conservation and consumption reduction as important principles.

Second, how the ball mill practice "energy saving" principle

The practice of "energy saving" in ball mills depends on the following configurations:

1.Grinding dedicated motor. The ball mill is equipped with a special motor for grinding, and the starting current is low. The rated power of the selected motor is 1.05-1.1 times higher than the actual required motor power of the ball mill. This can ensure that the load rate of the ball mill is more than 90%, ensuring that the equipment is in a full load device, power saving.

2. Wear-resistant rubber liner. The lining plate of the drive ball mill consumes fast and noise, and the use of the rubber lining plate can reduce the noise while greatly reducing the energy consumption. The rubber lining plate has good abrasion resistance, long service life, and has better wear resistance and durability. Corrosion, strong impact resistance, can effectively reduce the grinding loss of the whole machine, saving resources.

3. Configuration of rolling bearings. The transmission ball mill is equipped with a sliding bearing. The sliding bearing has large starting frictional resistance, which will greatly increase energy consumption. The rolling bearing is reliable in operation and has good starting performance. Higher bearing capacity at medium speed can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the whole machine and improve the working efficiency.

4. Configure wear-resistant lining. In the grinding process of the ball mill, the mineral material and the steel ball will have a greater impact on the inner wall of the mill. Arranging the lining on the inner wall of the mill can greatly reduce the wear of the mill and improve the service life of the whole machine.

As a relatively professional domestic mineral processing equipment manufacturer, ZK CORP has always insisted on innovation and strived to improve the environmental protection and energy saving characteristics of the beneficiation equipment. At present, it has produced various types of beneficiation ball mills, energy-saving ball mills, cement ball mills and overflow ball mills. Well-equipped, fair prices, more details, please consult the ZK CORP technicians!

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