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The Correct Use of Dust Bag

The Correct Use of Dust Bag

Bag-type dust collector is the most commonly used equipment fordust removal. It collects and purifies dust-containing gas, which caneffectively protect the environment and reduce the probability of dustexplosion. It is characterized by high efficiency and stable operation. It isobtained in all walks of life widely used. Next, let the engineer of the ZKCORP speak to you about the proper use of the dust bag.

First, the main purpose of dust bag

A dust collector is a device that separates dust from flue gas.The bag filter is also called a filter type dust collector and is a dry typehigh-efficiency dust remover. It is a dust filter device that uses a bag filterelement made of a fiber braid to form a dust bag to trap solid particles in adust-containing gas. The principle of action is that the dust particles areintercepted by the inertial force acting on the fibers when they bypass thedust bag, and the operation of the bag filter is standardized to ensure thatthe tail gas dust removal operation is performed normally.

If the dust bag is put into use for the first time or used but ithas been cleaned off before, in order to prevent the filter bag from becoming clogged,the filter bag must be pre-painted. If the bag is already in use and the dustcollector is off-line only for a short period of time and there is no ashcleaning, there will be a residual ash layer on the bag and no pre-sprayingwill be required. The flue gas at start-up contains a considerable amount ofmoisture and other condensable gases and the fuel is also incomplete. Thetemperature of the filter will initially be lower than the dew-pointtemperature of the water vapor, so it should be protected as much as possiblebefore reaching the stable operating temperature the filter material is veryimportant. Pre-spraying will first cover the surface of the filter with a layerof ash to prevent clogging due to moisture. In the pre-spray process, the boilermust be offline.

Second, how to maintain the dust bag

Filter dust gas temperature below 300 degrees is lime dust,dust-containing dust bag can not be cleaned under normal circumstances, becausethe bag after cleaning the external fiber damage, resistance increases, theability to capture tiny particles decreased, dust reduction effect should begreatly reduced . If you need to wash, you can use a large amount of water in aself-made turbine washing machine and dry it before use. However, the water pollutionis more serious and is not recommended.

Third, the effect of the pre-coating treatment on the dust bag

1.For the purification of sulphide, the bag filter will encountersome cases of sulfur incineration. Sulfur incineration will generate gaseoussulfur dioxide. If you want to desulfurize, you can only spray lime powder andreverberation aid into the gas rich in sulfur dioxide. Then the sulfur dioxidethe limestone powder reacts with the aid of a reaction aid to form a solidcalcium sulfate, which can then be captured along with the dust particles in adust bag to reach desulfurization.

2. For the purification of fluoride, many fluorine-containinggases will be discharged during the aluminum electrolysis process. The aluminapowder of the aluminum electrolysis plant will be used as a filter aid, and thealumina powder will absorb the gaseous fluorine-rich solid fluoride that occursin the electrolysis cell, after filtering with a dust bag. The use of aluminaas an adsorbent requires a certain increase in solid-to-gas ratio. Flue gas andalumina are intensely mixed in the turbulent flow. The hydrogen fluoride in theflue gas undergoes an external adsorption reaction with the aluminum oxide inbetween to form the external compound of aluminum fluoride. This response isprogressing very quickly and can be completed within one second. After thereaction, the flue gas is separated from the fluorinated alumina by the dustbag and can be directly used for electrolytic production and can replace someof the fluoride salt material.

The above is part of the sharing of the ZK CORP how to properlyuse the dust bag, if you want to learn more about this information, you cancontact our engineers.

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