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Ceramic Sand Production Process and Equipment Maintenance

Ceramic Sand Production Process and Equipment Maintenance

Ceramic sand rotary kiln working temperature (950 °C ~ 1050 °C) calcined ultra-fine kaolin process. At present, China's technology is mature and advanced, representing the development direction of ultra-fine kaolin calcination technology. The ceramsite sand production line is made up of a variety of equipment and it is also a complicated matter for the maintenance of the equipment. The following ZK CORP to introduce its process and equipment maintenance, to help more people understand the ceramic sand rotary kiln.

First, the production process of ceramic sand

1. The ceramic rotary kiln equipment is composed of a rotating cylinder body, a supporting device, a bearing device with a stop wheel, a kiln head, a kiln tail sealing device, and a coal injection pipe device.

2. In addition to the main transmission, the transmission part is also provided with an auxiliary transmission device to ensure that the kiln body can still rotate slowly to prevent the kiln body from being deformed when the power supply of the main transmission is interrupted. The kiln head adopts a shell-type seal, and the kiln tail is equipped with an axial contact type sealing device to ensure the reliability of the seal.

3. The slope of the kiln body is horizontal. The whole kiln body is supported by a supporting roller device, and there is a stop wheel device that controls the kiln body to move up and down.

4. The working temperature reaches (950 °C ~ 1050 °C) calcined ultra-fine kaolin, the process of the operation of ceramsite sand, and then according to the number of materials to adjust the level of temperature, and ultimately achieve their own goals, this calcination technology The advantages are low energy consumption, product dehydration, decarburization and whitening, and good performance stability.

Second, the maintenance of ceramic sand production equipment

In the process of using the ceramic sand production line equipment, the materials are continuously added to the kiln from a high level and in accordance with a certain amount, and slowly moved to the other end as the kiln body rotates. During the movement of the ceramsite sand equipment, the materials are mixed, heated or chemically reacted, and the treated materials are continuously discharged from the kiln head. Compared with fixed-bed or moving-bed reactors in shaft furnaces, the major feature of the operation of ceramsite sand production line equipment is that the filling rate of the solid material is very low, and there is a large free space for gas circulation above. The ceramsite sand the conversion of the materials in the equipment is mainly accomplished by the reaction within the material layer, and the air flow in the free space mainly functions as the heat supply to the material layer and the gas product generated in the receiving material layer.

The heat source of the ceramsite sand equipment is mainly supplied by burning the slag sprayed by the main nozzle disposed at the outlet or inlet end of the material and assisting the combustion of air. Since the main nozzle can only start from one end of the ceramsite sand equipment. The fire filling is formed within a limited distance. Therefore, in order to adjust the axial distribution of the temperature of the material layer in the kiln and improve the reaction conditions, some ceramsite production line equipment is provided with auxiliary nozzles at different positions in the axial direction to inject air and auxiliary fuel or auxiliary reaction materials.

The service life of ceramsite sand production line equipment has a lot to do with whether it is focused on maintenance. As the equipment is placed outdoors for a long time, it is exposed to wind, rain, and wind, and the internal parts of the equipment are subject to certain losses. There is no regular overhaul and maintenance of equipment, equipment will be severely corroded, so that the consumption of equipment will be greater.

Therefore, we should follow the above method to effectively maintain the equipment in order to extend the useful life of the equipment.

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