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Analysis of the Three Factors Affecting Shaker Work

Analysis of the Three Factors Affecting Shaker Work

First, the impact of the nature of the material.

It has been shown that particles with a particle size of less than 3/4 of the mesh size of the vibrating screen are liable to steal the mesh, which is called easy-to-grain. Particles larger than 3/4 of the mesh are difficult to pass through the mesh and are called difficult to sieve. Particles with a particle size of 1-1.5 times the mesh size are called particles. The auxiliary screening method can be added. The auxiliary sieve with a larger mesh size can be used to preliminarily discharge the coarse product on the sieve, and then sieve the finer material containing a large number of fine grades. There is no definite relation between the maximum allowable size of the material particles and the size of the screen. Cement vibrating screens generally consider that the maximum particles should not exceed 2.5-4 times the size of the screen.

The surface moisture contained in the material increases to a certain extent, and the gluten permeability increases. The surface moisture of the material can make the fine particles adhere to each other and attach to the large particles to block the mesh. These reasons make the screening process more difficult and the screening efficiency will be greatly reduced. If the material contains viscous substances (such as clay, etc.) that tend to agglomerate, even when there is little moisture, it will stick together and make the fine mud mixed into the sieve product, it will also block the sieve hole quickly. At this point, you should consider pre-washing. If the material particle shape is circular, it is easier to pass through the square hole and the round hole. Electromagnetic vibrating screen broken products are mostly polygonal, through the square hole and round hole is not as easy as through the rectangular hole, strip, plate, sheet material is difficult to penetrate the square hole and round hole, but easy through the rectangular hole.

Second, the impact of the screening machine operating parameters.

There are mainly the following six factors.

1. Drying surface type. The working face of the sieve usually has steel bars, steel wires, punched steel plates, rubber, polyurethane, and the like. Their influence on screening efficiency is mainly related to their effective area. In addition, the degree of wear resistance of various materials is also different.

2. Mesh shape. Square or rectangular mesh application is taught well.

3. Mesh size. Should contact the crusher's work and the requirements of the product to choose.

4. The screen's movement. The screening efficiency of various sieves is roughly as follows: High-efficiency heavy-duty sieve is more than 90%, shaking sieve is more than 70-80%, drum sieve is 60%, fixing strip is 50-60%. Select depending on the situation.

5. The width and length of the sieve. It is generally considered that the ratio of the width and length of the sieve is 1:2.5 to 1:3.

6. The sun angle. The tilt angle of the shaker is generally 0°~20°, and the tilt angle of the fixed bar screen is 40°~50°.

Third, the impact of operational factors.

In order to maintain a high screening efficiency, the feed should be uniform and continuous, and the amount of material fed by the vibrating screen should be moderate.

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