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Copper Plant Bag Type Pulse Dust Collector

Copper Plant Bag Type Pulse Dust Collector

Copper in the smelting process, resultingin a large number of dust, containing co, fluoride, zinc oxide, silicon andother harmful gases, the more serious damage to the atmosphere pollution, theatmosphere is one of the major sources of pollution, while a large number ofdust emitted, serious pollution the workshop workers operating environment,affecting the physical and mental health of workers and the surrounding ambientair quality. Copper smelting roasting, sintering, blowing and refining the fluegas generated in the process often have higher temperatures, from 500 to 1300 , with wasteheat utilization value, before entering the dust removal device sometimes needto be pre-cooled. Smelting process soot, some of the metal in the hightemperature volatilization, oxidation and condensation formed, smallerparticles, you must use a high-efficiency dust collector to capture.

When smelting, the metal is added to thesmelting furnace. When the metal is stirred and melted, part of the metal isvaporized and rapidly oxidized and is taken away by the flue gas. Burden in thesurface with the grease, water and other impurities melting combustion willproduce a lot of flue gas, this part of the flue gas is the object to beaddressed.

Copper melting furnace flue gascharacteristics:

As the flue gas may containhigh-temperature particles or even Mars, the choice of bag-type pulse dustcollector, taking into account the flue gas temperature and mixed with Mars,cyclone placed in front of the dust collector, which can reduce the flue gastemperature, and secondly, separation of ignition conditions of largeparticles, in order to reduce the resistance of the entire system, use xdf lowresistance cyclone dust collector.

The bag-type pulse dust collector adoptsthe pulse cleaning method, which has the advantages of good cleaning effect,high purification efficiency, large processing air volume, long service life ofthe filter bag, small maintenance workload and safe and reliable operation.

Bag filter operation principle:

Into the bag filter is adsorbed on theouter wall of the filter bag dust, over time, the plot thicker, theprecipitator resistance gradually increased, the amount of gas processedcontinuously reduced, in order to ensure that the precipitator resistancestabilized within a reasonable range need to remove the dust adsorption on theouter wall of the filter bag. Cleaning process is ordered by the pulsecontroller for each electromagnetic pulse valve instructions, followed by theopen valve, the order of the bag blowing compressed air bag, the bag ofcompressed air through the blowhole through the venturi Vent tube into the bag(Called the primary air), and when the jet of high-speed airflow through theventuri - ejector moment, several times the surrounding air is induced into thebag at the same time (called secondary air), due to one or two The secondaryair forms a powerful counter-flow against the filtered air into the bag,causing the bag to rapidly shrink-expand-contract as well as the reverse of theair flow in the instant, Clear down. Since the high pressure air is blown tothe bag when the bag is carried out in sequence between the number of bags,does not cut off the need to deal with dusty air, so in the cleaning process,the dust pressure loss and the dust is treated The amount is almost unchanged.(Source: public number / Okay environmental)

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