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The Structure and Working Principle of Belt Conveyor

The Structure and Working Principle of Belt Conveyor

Conveyors are indispensable hubs for most mining equipment production lines and seem to have little effect, but if it is really lacking, the production of the entire production line will stagnate. This paper describes the structure and working principle of the representative belt conveyor in the conveyor in the ZK CORP.

The belt conveyor is a friction-driven machine that transports materials in a continuous manner and is mainly composed of a frame, a conveyor belt, a roller, a roller, a tensioner, a transmission, and the like. Material can be transported on a certain conveyor line from the initial point of feed to the final point of discharge. This can be used to transport both bulk and bulk materials, as well as the transport of items.

In the work process of the belt conveyor, the main function of the belt conveyor is the drive section. What are the main components of the drive section? The expert of the ZK CORP introduced that the main drive part is formed by the coupling of two motors, two speed reducers and two main drive rollers through couplings, internal gear sleeves and external gear sleeves.

How are devices and devices connected and functioning?

Between the two motors and the two speed reducers, the fluid couplings are respectively connected. Between the two speed reducers and the two main transmission rollers, a pair of internal gear sleeves and external gear sleeves are combined and connected. The inner bore of the inner sleeve and the inner bore of the outer sleeve are respectively connected to the output shaft of the reducer and the input end of the main shaft of the drive roller in the form of a spline, and the inner sleeve and the outer sleeve respectively pass through the M4, Z54's internal and external gear meshing connections. The other end of the two main drive pulley main shafts are respectively connected in a splined form to each other. One transmission gear (M8, Z78) meshes with each other, and the speed ratio is 1:1. It constitutes a main drive output system that is initially dragged by two motors and is finally connected by two transmission gears and outputs the same torque. This ensures the smooth and safe operation of the entire belt conveyor.

The working principle of the belt conveyor: The driving drum is driven by a motor through a speed reducer, and the conveyor belt is driven by the friction between the driving drum and the conveyor belt. Drive drums are generally mounted at the discharge end to increase traction and facilitate drag. The material is fed from the feed end, falls on the rotating conveyor belt, and is transported to the discharge end by friction with the conveyor belt.

Each device plays a very important role in the normal operation of the production line. The lack of any one of them can not successfully complete the production of equipment. The same applies to belt conveyors. ZK CORP specializes in producing various calcining production lines, grinding production lines, mineral processing lines, cement production lines and production line configurations.

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