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Crushing Equipment Commonly Used in Complete Stone Equipment

Crushing Equipment Commonly Used in Complete Stone Equipment

Complete sets of stone crushing equipment are very common in stonefactories, etc. It is a necessary procedure for the smooth entry of stones inthe sand making industry and the beneficiation industry into the nextprocess—crushing the material to a certain granularity. Complete sets of stoneequipment commonly used crushing equipment? What role can these crushingequipments play in the production line? The ZK CORP is described in detailbelow.

The crushing equipment commonly used in complete stone crushingequipment generally includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, hammercrusher, etc. In practical production, due to the different uses and output ofstone materials, the selected broken equipment will also be different.Different equipments have different working principles and uses, so the choiceof crushing equipment in complete crushing equipment for stone crushers ismainly determined according to the feeding granularity and dischargegranularity of the crusher.

First, jaw crusher

Jaw crusher consists of two jaw plates, moving jaw and static jaw,to form a crushing chamber, which simulates the animal's two jaw movements tocomplete the crusher for material crushing operations. The equipment is widelyused in mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, waterconservancy and chemical industries in a variety of ore and large pieces ofmaterial in the medium-sized crushing, the crushing material compressivestrength of 320Mpa, mostly used for coarse crushing of materials.

Second, impact crusher

Impact crusher is a new type of high efficiency crushingequipment, characterized by small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio,low energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform product size, andselective crushing effect. However, its plate hammers and counterattack platesare particularly susceptible to wear. In particular, broken hard minerals are moreseverely worn and need to be replaced frequently. Impact crushers are oftenused in crushing equipment for crushing equipment.

Three, cone crusher

The cone crusher is suitable for the crushing of raw materials inthe metallurgy, construction, road construction, chemical and silicateindustries. It has a large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energyconsumption, uniform product size, and is suitable for various ores with mediumhardness the medium and fine work of the rock.

Fourth, hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is a crushing crusher that directly crushesmaterial with a particle size of 600-1800 mm to below 25 or 25 mm. It issuitable for crushing medium-hard materials such as limestone, slag, coke, coaland other materials in the cement, chemical, power, metallurgical and otherindustrial sectors.

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