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Overview of the Development Trend of Vibrating Feeders

Overview of the Development Trend of Vibrating Feeders

The application of vibration feeder at homeand abroad, as well as the development of various types of feeder and researchstatus can be seen, the development trend of vibration feeder mainly in thefollowing areas:

1. Improve the performance and reliabilityof components, reduce maintenance, equipment operating rate depends on thelevel of the performance and reliability of components. New technologies andnew product development and application of vibration machinery, is still veryworthy of attention in the future. Such as high-performance controllablesoft-start technology, dynamic analysis and monitoring technology, so that thefeeder performance has been further improved. New materials, the adoption ofnew technology, especially the usage of high-performance materials to furtherstudy to reduce the weight of vibration machinery to improve the quality oftheir products, the usage of non-metallic components such as rubber springs,composite springs and glass plate spring, greatly improve the operation of vibrationmachinery stability.

2. The vibration feeder has the possibilityof large-scale development, but in a period of time, will focus on research anddevelopment of new structure of the dynamic state of the vibration feeder,breaking the traditional vibration feeder structure design pattern. Due to theneeds of economic development, will force people to develop a larger vibrationfeeder to improve the processing capacity to meet the needs of high productionand efficient intensive production, but the development of large vibrationfeeder, still need to be more in-depth discussion of structural strength, inorder to improve the reliability of its operation.

3. To the standardization, serialization,general development. This is a way to design, organize specialized production,ensure quality and reduce costs. To the high efficiency of high-volumedevelopment, industrial modernization process to promote the scale ofenterprises, greatly enhance the production capacity, the need for efficienthigh-capacity feeder and supporting, and promote the development of enterprisesand other equipment supporting the special vibration feeder to meet theproduction feeding requirements.

4. And constantly improve the vibrationfeeder control, adjust the performance, so that the vibrator feeder alwaysmaintain a high efficiency of the working state. Trough angle adjustable tomeet the requirements of the amount of processing, vibration forms adjustableto meet the requirements of different materials and feed efficiency.

The practice shows that in order to improvethe usage effect of the electromagnetic vibration feeder, it is necessary tostudy the development of the electromagnetic vibration feeder, analyze theexisting problems in the development of the electromagnetic vibration feeder,and actively analyze the control mode of the electromagnetic vibration feeder,and improve the usage of electromagnetic vibration feeder.

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