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Drying Kiln Roasting System and Burner Requirements for Lime Rotary Kiln

Drying Kiln Roasting System and Burner Requirements for Lime Rotary Kiln

First, the kiln roasting system of the lime rotary kiln

For the kiln roasting system of the lime rotary kiln, the ignition kiln is the key link for the system to be put into production, so it should be fully prepared. All equipment for the roasting and feeding system includes normal operation such as preheater, rotary kiln, and no-load single unit, and is adjusted to the state of starting work. The fuel supply equipment is operating normally and can send fuel to the front of the rotary kiln to ensure that auxiliary systems such as compressed air and lubrication systems for safe operation of preheaters and coolers should be put into normal operation in advance. In the process of single-machine test, attention should be paid to the temperature and wear changes of the tug shaft in the operation of the lime rotary kiln. The bearing temperature should not exceed 60 ℃. In the past production preparations, it often happens that after the heat load test, the center line of the idler of the lime rotary kiln and the center line of the kiln are not parallel, causing the lime runner kiln to heat up too fast, which must be highly valued and timely solution. Moreover, most of the lining refractories in the preheater are castables, and the flue gas contains a large amount of water during the drying process, so the flue gas in the lime rotary kiln drying process is generally discharged through the bypass, instead of after the bag filter.

Second, the burner of the rotary kiln should meet the requirements

Rotary kiln production has strict requirements on the performance of the burner. The burner of the lime rotary kiln should meet the following performance requirements.

During the combustion of a rotary kiln, the shape of the flame is affected by many factors, such as exhaust fan speed, secondary air temperature, primary air pressure and temperature, and changes in the firing zone itself. The general principle for controlling the flame is to obtain the shortest possible flame and the highest flame temperature without affecting the quality of the clinker, the formation of the kiln, the formation of the lining, the life of the lining, or the equipment at the discharge end of the rotary kiln. The flame must also avoid overheating of the kiln hood, discharge end or chiller.

A suitable flame means that its shape, temperature and strength are compatible with the rotary kiln calcined clinker. It can ensure that the heat exchange can be carried out over the entire length of the flame, and is carried out with high efficiency, while avoiding local overheating of the rotary kiln skin and the occurrence of peak temperature phenomena.

The rotary kiln direct reduction method also has many advantages that we do not know. For example, the adaptability to raw coal, in the case of meeting the melting point of the fuel, almost every solid reducing agent can be used in the production of rotary kiln. The direct reduction products of rotary kiln are mainly used as scrap substitutes, and provide high-quality iron resources to electric furnaces to meet the production needs of high-quality steel. Compared with the traditional blast furnace ironmaking technology, the direct reduction of the rotary kiln has the advantages of simple equipment, low investment and obvious benefits. Moreover, the rotary kiln technology is also suitable for the smelting of composite mines. These characteristics make the rapid development of direct reduction production of rotary kiln possible.

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