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Magnetite Ore Dressing Production Process

Magnetite Ore Dressing Production Process

The magnetite beneficiation process is a very important beneficiation process. Today ZK CORP brings you a detailed explanation of the production process of the magnetite ore dressing production line.

The process of mineral processing equipment means that the mined ore is subjected to various operations, and finally the production process of the concentrate that meets the smelting requirements is obtained. The process of mineral processing equipment mainly includes: ore crushing and vibrating screen screening, ball mill grinding and classifier classification. Mineral sorting, such as re-election, flotation and electrification. Mineral dehydration, including concentration, filtration, drying and other production processes. Mineral processing equipment includes feeders, crushers, ball mills, classifiers, vibrating screens, shakers, magnetic separators, mixing drums, flotation machines and other equipment.

First, the beneficiation process includes: grinding, re-election, reverse flotation.

1. Grinding. The raw ore is ground into a ball mill, and then graded by a spiral classifier to enter a high-frequency vibrating screen. After sieving, the concentration of the slurry is adjusted, and the unscreened ore is returned to the grinding.

2. Re-election. The slurry is sent to a spiral chute for rough selection, selection and secondary selection. The second selection is to de-sludge and select the slurry, intercept the concentrate from the concentrate, and enter the reverse flotation. The slime and part of the tailings of the spiral chute are discharged into the tailings pond.

3. Reverse flotation. Adding an appropriate amount of inhibitor and collector to the medium pulp after adjusting the concentration, stirring, and back-floating at room temperature and pH=7 for 10 to 12 minutes to obtain a high-grade limonite concentrate.

In the beneficiation, the concentrator has to do more than just select the target products, but also try to optimize the beneficiation process to maximize the grade and accuracy of the target product.

Second, the beneficiation process

The process of magnetite ore dressing is as follows: The raw ore is sent to the upper hopper, and the material is vibrated by the vibration motor, and the discharge amount can be precisely adjusted by the hand wheel. The magnetic roller is dragged by the speed regulating motor, and the speed of the rotation is adjusted by the speed regulating table, and the output of the magnetic separator and the concentrate grade can be controlled.

The ore particles are sent to the upper magnetic roller for sorting via the conveyor belt. Since the ore particles are magnetic, they are immediately adsorbed on the magnetic roller by the strong magnetic field. The gangue (heterolith, sand) is not magnetic (the magnetic is very weak), and the strong magnet of the magnetic roller does not generate suction. As the magnetic roller rotates, the ore is always sucked on the magnetic roller. The gangue is thrown off the front of the separator when the magnetic roller is turned to the front end position (the grade of the concentrate can be adjusted by changing the angle of the partition plate). The ore particles continue to be taken into the demagnetization zone by the magnetic roller and automatically fall into an optional mining hopper to collect the finished product.

Since the gangue falling from the upper magnetic roller is also entrained with some magnetically weaker ore particles, they will enter the lower magnetic roller to continue the magnetic separation. After the magnetic separation, the finished ore particles enter the second selection of mining hoppers and are collected as finished products, and the gangues that are thrown out are discharged through the tailings mouth, and the magnetic separation process ends. Since the gangue in the ore is discarded, the grade of the ore is improved.

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