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Start-up and Stop of Ceramsite Sand Rotary Kiln

Start-up and Stop of Ceramsite Sand Rotary Kiln

The starting method of the ceramsite sand rotary kiln is relatedto the type of fuel used. Starting with heavy oil is the most complicated.First, the pile is fired at 3 to 4 m from the kiln head. At the same time, anegative pressure of 1916 ~ 2914Pa (2 ~ 3mm H2o) is formed at the kiln tail,and the temperature of the heavy oil in the oil pump room is heated to 80 °C.After the wood is burned, send steam or air to the nozzle and slowly open theheavy oil valve.

After the heavy oil is burned, the oil should be supplied in aminimum amount to ensure that the flame is stable, clean and short. If thenozzle is oily, the steam or air pressure in front of the nozzle must beincreased. If smoking does not stop, check the accuracy of the nozzleinstallation.

When using gaseous fuel, it is necessary to check whether the gasdetector, the gas detector, the valve, the flue, the ram, etc. are normalbefore the kiln is ignited. All closed valve parts on the gas pipe should beclosed, and the valves on the release pipe and safety pipe should be opened. Subsequentoperations are performed in the following order. Water is first supplied to thekiln cooling system and to the flue damper. Check the water circulation andcheck and adjust the negative pressure in the kiln tail.The entire system consisting of the kiln-flue-chimneywas purged with air for 10 minutes, and after blowing, the gas pipe was blown.When purging, check the gas pressure in front of the nozzle, but there is noair in the tube, so the nozzle can be ignited. If the blasting sound occurswhen the gas is ignited, or a light blue flame is formed during combustion, thegas pipe should be purged. After purging for 3 to 5 minutes, re-sampling andchecking the air content.

When the ceramsite sand rotary kiln is stopped for a short time,if the gas pressure in the gas pipe is not lower than 19611Pa (20mm H2O), thegas pipe may not be washed.

The main nozzle is ignited by a pilot nozzle without firewood. Atthis point, open the valve on the pilot tube and ignite the gas at the sametime. The air shutter at the nozzle should now be closed. Thereafter, the firetube with the hot flame should be inserted into the main nozzle opening in thekiln through the pilot hole, and then the valve on the safety gas pipe isclosed. If there is a flame in the fire tube, gradually open the gate valve onthe gas pipe near the nozzle. After the gas in the main nozzle is normallyburned, the gas supply amount is slightly increased, and the air is graduallysupplied to the nozzle. If the nozzle is stable, close the bleed valve, removethe squib, extinguish the fire, and adjust the nozzle to work at the lowest gasconsumption. About half an hour after the nozzle is turned on, when the kilncover of the nozzle is heated to red heat, it depends on the drying curve orthe process regime.

When stopping the kiln, first stop adding coke to the kiln, andthe temperature of the exhaust gas discharged from the kiln should be kept atabout 600 °C before the discharge is finished. After the discharge iscompleted, the supply of gas is stopped. In order to do this, the nozzle is cutin several steps: first reduce the air supply and then reduce the gas supplyuntil the flame is extinguished. After closing the gate valve at the nozzle,the gate valve on the gas pipe connected to the kiln is closed, and the valveon the relief valve and the safety gas pipe is opened. Then, the kiln isrotated by the auxiliary transmission, and after 5 to 10 minutes after thenozzle is cut off, the supply of the secondary air is stopped. When thetemperature in the tail of the kiln drops to 200 ° C, the kiln is rotated 1/3turn every half hour. When the temperature in the kiln tail drops to 100 ° C,stop the regular rotation and stop the kiln completely.

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