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Several Optimization Schemes for Energy Saving and Efficiency Improvement in Ore Dressing Processing

Several Optimization Schemes for Energy Saving and Efficiency Improvement in Ore Dressing Processing

There are many mechanical equipments required in the ore dressingprocessing process, the load changes greatly, the equipment components wearout, the energy consumed is also high, and the production efficiency is nothigh. In order to improve the production process of the beneficiation process,improve work efficiency, and save energy and efficiency, it is necessary tooptimize the beneficiation process. Here are a few optimizations that enableenergy savings and efficiency.

First, the control protection mode is replaced by automaticadjustment and comprehensive protection

The crushing process is the first process of the ore dressingoperation, and whether the process can stabilize the normal work directlyaffects the subsequent operations. In order to ensure the characteristics ofthe entire system, you need to install the configuration screen of the systemsimulation. The automatic control protection system makes the crushing systemrun stably and reliably, is more convenient to manage, and the humanizedconfiguration screen can make the operation more simple and convenient.

Second, the use of new crushing equipment to achieve more brokenand less grinding

It is an important principle to reduce the size of the grindingmill and reduce the ore dressing cost. In the process of mineral processing,only the energy consumption of the ball mill accounts for more than 50% of thetotal energy consumption of the plant (if multi-stage grinding is used, theratio will be larger). Reducing the grain size of the mill is an important wayto reduce the production cost of the plant.

Third, crusher and mill load control

The most important basis for the crusher to be measured and usedis to determine the actual feed size and required capacity of the crusher. Ifthe crusher selected is restricted to the mine mouth, the crusher's productioncapacity will be reduced, so it is necessary to select a suitable crushingchamber. The automatic control of the ball mill can make the ball millbasically run under the optimal load and the highest output through theautomatic control device, and can balance the load of the ball mill andstabilize the ratio of materials to the grinding materials, which is beneficialto improve the yield of finished products and fineness.

Fourth, reactive power compensation

Reactive power compensation can reduce power loss, improve powerquality, improve power factor, reduce total load current and voltage drop, andextend equipment life.

Fifth, improve the screening efficiency

The width of the sieve directly affects the output of thevibrating screen, and the effective screening area also has an indirect effecton the output of the vibrating screen. For difficult-to-screen materials andfine materials, it is possible to appropriately increase the vibration tiltangle and reduce the angle of the cement equipment screen facing downward.Secondly, it is necessary to control the permeability of the material to ensurethe screening efficiency of the vibrating screen.

Sixth, strengthen grading, improve grading efficiency

In the grinding circuit, high-efficiency grading equipment isadopted to improve the grading efficiency, and the qualified products areeliminated in time to reduce the over-grinding phenomenon, which can reduce theenergy consumption of the grinding unit. In the grinding and grading closedcircuit, the classification methods commonly used are spiral classifiers andhydrocyclones. In the previous design of the plant, the spiral classifier waswidely used because of its large processing capacity and small maintenance, butits classification efficiency is low, the cycle load is large, and it is moreand more replaced by hydrocyclones. In the newly designed plant selectionprocess, most of the hydraulic cyclones are used as the classificationequipment for grinding. The classification efficiency is 15% to 30% higher thanthat of the spiral classifier, which can greatly reduce the unit grinding cost.

Seventh, expand production scale

In the ore dressing operation, if the scale of production andconstruction is small, the investment ratio is high, the investment returnperiod is long, and the income is poor. The scale of production andconstruction is large, not only low investment ratio, short investment returnperiod, but also better utilization of resources, which can realizecomprehensive utilization of resources and see benefits from scale. Large scalecan also improve the level of modernization and mechanization of mines. From amanagement perspective, it is also possible to reduce non-production personneland reduce non-production costs.

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