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Installation steps of DTII fixed belt conveyor

Installation steps of DTII fixed belt conveyor

With the continuous improvement of DTII fixed belt conveyors and the development of industrialization, DTII fixed belt conveyors, as the main form of conveying equipment, have achieved a very wide range of applications in various industries and play a very important role. The installation of the DTII fixed belt conveyor ensures long-term use of the equipment in the future. The installation of the DTII fixed belt conveyor is generally carried out in the following stages.

First, install the rack of the belt conveyor

The installation of the rack starts from the headstock, then installs the intermediate racks in sequence, and finally installs the tailstock. Before installing the rack, first pull the centerline over the entire length of the conveyor. Since keeping the centerline of the conveyor in a straight line is an important condition for the normal operation of the conveyor belt, the centerline must be aligned when installing each section of the frame. At the same time, the shelf should be leveled, and the tolerance of the frame to the center line is ±0.1mm per meter. However, the error on the center of the rack shall not exceed 35 mm over the entire length of the conveyor. Once all the blocks have been installed and aligned, the blocks can be connected.

Second, the installation of the drive

When installing the drive unit, care must be taken to make the drive shaft of the belt conveyor perpendicular to the center line of the belt conveyor so that the center of the width of the drive drum coincides with the center line of the conveyor, and the axis of the reducer is parallel to the drive axis. At the same time, all shafts and rollers should be leveled. The horizontal error of the shaft, depending on the width of the conveyor, is allowed to be in the range of 0.5-1.5 mm. At the same time as the driving device is installed, a tensioning device such as a tail wheel can be installed to tension the drum axis of the device.

Third, the installation roller

After the frame, the transmission and the tensioning device are installed, the roller frame of the upper and lower rollers can be installed, so that the conveyor belt has a slowly changing arc, and the spacing of the roller frames of the bending segment is 1 of the normal roller frame spacing /2~1/3. After the roller is installed, it should be flexible and light.

Fourth, the final alignment of the belt conveyor

To ensure that the conveyor belt is always running on the centerline of the rollers and rollers, the following requirements must be met when installing the rollers, frames and rollers: the support frame must be straight and horizontal.

Fifth, fix the rack to the foundation or floor. After the belt conveyor is fixed, the feeding and unloading devices can be installed.

Sixth, hanging conveyor belt

When the conveyor belt is hung, each belt can be laid on the idler roller of the empty section, and then wrapped around the drive roller, and then applied to the idler roller. A 0.5-1.5t hand winch can be used to hang the strip. When the straps are tightened for connection, the joints of the tensioning device should be moved to the extreme position, and the trolley and the screw tensioner should be pulled toward the transmission. The vertical clamping device moves the roller to the top. Before tightening the conveyor belt, the gear unit and the motor should be installed, and the tilting conveyor should be equipped with the brake device.

The DTII fixed belt conveyor is an important equipment for straight conveying. The correct installation can ensure the long-term use of the equipment, equipment failure or personnel accidents caused by improper installation of the equipment, ensuring normal production and saving maintenance and maintenance costs.

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