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Selection and Daily Maintenance of Bag Filter

Selection and Daily Maintenance of Bag Filter

First, the selection of bag filter needs to be based on the characteristics of dust

When designing the bag filter, it is necessary to have a relatively good understanding of the nature of the dust in order to determine the hygiene requirements and identify the value of the recovery, and take corresponding cost-effective dust removal measures.

1. The particle size of dust

The difference in the size of the dust particles is different for the human body and the environment. Moreover, the dust absorption method and the dust removal mechanism and performance of the dust collector have a great influence, so the particle size is one of the most basic characteristics of the dust.

The particle size of dust refers to its diameter for spherical dust particles. The actual dust particles are mostly irregular, and the size is generally measured by "particle size". The particle size of the dust must be determined by indirect measurement of the geometric length and other physical properties of the particle, such as the sedimentation velocity in a liquid or gaseous medium, or the absorption or scattering of light. The form in which the dust particle size is used depends on the purpose of the measurement and the state of the working condition in which the dust is located. The particle size obtained by the same dust according to different definitions is not only different in value, but also different in application. In the selection of the particle size measurement method, in addition to the accuracy of the method itself, the difficulty of operation and the cost, etc., special attention should be paid to the purpose and application of the measurement. Different particle size determination methods yield different particle sizes. When giving or applying particle size analysis results, the method of measurement used must also be stated or understood.

2. The dispersion of dust

The particle size distribution of the dust, also called the frequency distribution of the particle size, is called the degree of dispersion. The degree of dispersion can be expressed by the quality score or the number of scores of the group. The former is called the mass distribution, and the latter is called the particle number distribution or the count distribution. Because the mass distribution can better reflect the influence of different particle sizes on the performance of the human body and the dust collector, the mass distribution is often used in the dustproof technology.

The high degree of dispersion of the dust means that the proportion of the small particle size dust is large, and vice versa. The degree of dispersion is related to the dust source and the flow of nearby airflow.

Second, the daily maintenance of the bag filter

1.The bag filter system should always pay attention to and timely check the dust bag and cleaning system to ensure the normal operation of the dust collector and prolong its service life. The working principle of the dust collector is different, so the development of the dust collector has also shown diversified development, and the increase of the types will inevitably lead to the emergence of various problems. Always check that the lubrication of the fan bearings is good, check that all fasteners are tight.

2. The operator of the dust collector should regularly check whether the drive belt of the fan and the ash conveying equipment is installed correctly and in good condition. If the belt is damaged, it should be replaced in time. When there is oil on the belt or the sheave, clean it with a clean rag. Check if the guard is good. If the guard is found to be unsafe, it should be removed in time.

3. Before starting the precipitator equipment, check whether there are any materials or other debris in the dust collector. If it should be cleaned at times. Check whether the pressure of the cleaning gas source reaches the specified value and adjust the position of the valve switch of the suction hood pipe.

Bag dust collectors should also be aware of the situation of other auxiliary machines when they are used. Check the machine regularly for oil, so as to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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