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Aluminum Ash Ball Mill

Aluminum Ash Ball Mill

Aluminum ash ball mill introduction:Aluminum ash ball mill is a special mineral processing mill, the aircraft inthe production of aluminum ash with high controllability, combined withenergy-saving ball mill and a series of advantages, to achieve energy-savinghigh efficiency and low pollution.

Processing capacity: 0.65-615t / h

Applications: Aluminum ash production

Applicable materials: Aluminum ash

Aluminum ash ball mill work principle:

Ball mill consists of the Ministry offeeding, the Department of discharge, the Department of rotation, the Ministryof transmission (reducer, a small transmission gear, motor, electric control)and other major components. The hollow shaft is made of cast steel, the liningis removable, the rotary gear is machined by the casting hobbing, and thewear-resistant lining is inlaid in the cylinder, which has good abrasionresistance, stable operation and reliable performance.

Aluminum ash ball mill structure

Aluminum ash ball mill is a specialdressing mill which has been improved by our company for many years with thecharacteristics of aluminum ash. The machine has high controllability in theproduction of aluminum ash and combines with a series of advantages such asenergy-saving ball mill to save energy High efficiency and low pollution.

1. According to the provisions of the timeand the provisions of the number of additional steel balls.

2. Every half an hour to check the mainbearing and motor temperature, generally should not exceed 60 .

3. Aluminum ash ball mill in operation tocheck the various components, to determine no abnormal sound.

4. Back to the oil return pipe monitoringshall not be interrupted, back to the oil temperature within 35 -45 .

5. Check the aluminum ash mill barrel andend cap bolts without loosening.

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