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Coal fired Rotary Quick Lime Kiln

Coal fired Rotary Quick Lime Kiln

The lime rotary kiln is a cylindrical kilnbody, the material is added from the top of the kiln, and is discharged fromthe bottom of the kiln after calcination. According to the temperaturevariation and distribution in the shaft kiln, the shaft kiln is divided intothree areas from top to bottom: pre-tropical zone, calcining zone and coolingzone; in the pre-tropical zone, the material is preheated by the heat of theflue gas; in the calcining zone, the material is calcined by means of the heatreleased by the combustion of the fuel; in the cooling zone, the calcinedmaterial is heat exchanged with the blasted cold air, the material itself iscooled, and the air is heated and then enters the calcining zone as combustionair. In order to ensure that the various stages of the calcination process ofthe material are fully and completely carried out, the three belts in the shaftkiln should maintain a certain height and strive to be stable. There are tworeasons for causing the material to move in the shaft kiln: one is the movementof the upper layer material due to the volume shrinkage of the material duringthe calcination process; the other is the movement of the entire kiln materialdue to the discharge of the lower material.

During the descending process, the materialundergoes complex heat exchange with the hot gas, accompanied by thedecomposition of limestone and the development and growth of the crystal grainsof the quicklime. When the whole process is completed, it is also cooled by thecombustion air to a temperature higher than the ambient temperature. °C. Thelime hopper and the two-stage sealing valve are then discharged to the outerbelt conveyor without leaking the combustion air. After hoisting and sieving,the limes of 5mm and >5mm are respectively discharged into different silos.

The combustion air is blown into thefurnace from the lower part of the furnace by the roots blower, and theresistance of the material is raised from the lower part to the top of the furnace.Under the attraction of the dust extraction fan, the flue gas is transported tothe dust collector through the pipeline for dust removal. Due to the action ofthe induced draft fan, a micro-negative pressure zone (about -10 Pa) is formedabove the material surface of the kiln. This micro-negative pressure ensuressmooth airflow in the furnace, which is very beneficial for the calcinationwith limestone for decomposition. The induced draft fan introduces all the fluegas into the dust collector for purification, and then discharges it from thechimney to the atmosphere.

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