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How to choose suitable wet ball mill

How to choose suitable wet ball mill

At present, there are many manufacturerswho make wet ball mill in the market of ball mill. Sometimes, the customer mayappear to be overwhelmed by the choice of product, and do not know how to choose a wet ball mill suitable for the ball mill. Also with the increase ofball mill manufacturers, the quality of their products, the price is uneven, sothat customers have become very difficult choice. Then let us help you analyzehow to choose the right wet ball mill.

First of all, wet ball mill models aredifferent, we have to choose the time to choose the right wet ball mill for ourproducts.

Followed by the inspection of productquality, of which the cylinder is the most important component, the grindingstone is completed in the cylinder, wet ball mill quality level and theperformance of the components are closely related, for example, the cylinderneeds to have sufficient resistance to bending Strength and stiffness, linermust have sufficient wear resistance!

The last is to examine the overall strengthof manufacturers, because some manufacturers do not have the actual productionbase, mainly to sell other people's equipment and then hang up their owncompany name, how the price does not say, the quality is not guaranteed, soWhen choosing ball mill manufacturers must be careful.

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