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Ball Mill and Rod Mill

Ball Mill and Rod Mill

Ball mill and rod mill are important twokinds of equipment for material grinding, powerful, wide range of applications,can be a variety of materials for grinding. The following for the majority ofusers a systematic analysis to answer everyone's doubts.

Ball mill and rod mill differences

1. Grinding media

Ball mill grinding media is a ball-shapedmaterial composition, and rod mill grinding medium is made of a rod-shapedmaterial.

2. Shape ratio

Ball mill cylinder length and diametervalues vary greatly, the ratio of many types of models is not much difference,generally not more than 1, and the rod mill cylinder length and diameter ratiois generally 1.5-2.0, both the appearance of some difference.

3. The ability to handle the material

The grinding fineness of the two different,rod mill linear contact between the media and the material, grinding area,product size uniformity, the coarse grinding of the material, rod mill outputis higher, but the ball mill grinding finished fineness to be lower than thesame specifications of the rod mill, more suitable for more fine grinding ofthe material.

Ball mill

1. Ball mill drive and grinding energyconsumption reasonable match, can greatly reduce the system's energy consumption.

2. The discharge port and feed portrational allocation, not only increased the intensity of the feed, but alsoincreased the amount of discharge, the entire system doubled productioncapacity.

3. The main bearing uses a double row ofself-aligning stick support, reducing the friction between the bearings, savingenergy consumption, the system significantly reduce the start-up time, and easyto start.

Rod mill

1. Rod mill product of uniform texture,grain shape, high yield of finished products, compared to the old-fashionedequipment, saving more than 40% energy consumption.

2. The usage of advanced control technologyout of material, the traditional surface contact grinding improved line contactgrinding, grinding the material output increased by 50%.

How to choose ball mill and rodmill

1. According to the desired product sizeselection

When used for fine grinding, the particlesize of the product is less than 0.5mm, the ball mill grinding effect isgreater than the rod mill, when used for coarse grinding, the product size of1-3mm, and the processing capacity of the rod mill higher than ball mill. Rodmill to the mine size is generally 15-23mm.

2. Grinding the type of material

Rod mill can be applied to differenthardness (Mohs hardness 5.5-12) ore, materials, ball mill range to be smaller.

Ball mill and rod mill scope, grindingmethods vary, for different materials grinding, the user can choose accordingto their actual production requirements.

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