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Lime rotary kiln complete production line process

Lime rotary kiln complete production line process

The whole production line of lime rotary kiln is mainly composed of a vertical preheater, a lime rotary kiln and avertical cooler. The process flow of the lime rotary kiln complete productionline is as follows:

The active lime calcining system iscomposed of a vertical preheater, a rotary kiln and a vertical cooler. Thematerial is introduced into the preheater body from the top silo of thepreheater through the discharge chute, and the material passage in the preheater.The low-pressure drop beam is arranged inside, which can effectively reduce theloss of smoke resistance and reduce the power consumption of thesmoke-exhausting equipment. After the pre-heated limestone is removed, the fluegas is discharged into the atmosphere by the dust collector, and is alsointroduced into the atmosphere by the activated lime rotary kiln. Thehigh-temperature flue gas preheats the material to above 900 °C, partiallydecomposes the limestone, and then pushes it into the kiln exhaust chamber bythe hydraulic push rod, then enters the tail of the rotary kiln, and then isdischarged into the vertical cooler after high temperature calcination in therotary kiln. Inside, through the cold air blown by the fan, the material iscooled to room temperature +80 ° C below the cooler, the cold air is heatedwhile cooling the material in the cooler, and enters the kiln through the kilnhead cover as the secondary air combustion of the fuel combustion.

The rotary kiln mainly comprises a transmissiondevice, a support device for the supporting wheel, a supporting device for thesupporting wheel, a cylinder body, a kiln head, a kiln tail and a sealingdevice:

1. Supporting device: It adopts advancedspindle structure and is equipped with automatic temperature measuring deviceand electric heating device.

2. Locking wheel device: It is divided intotwo types: mechanical and hydraulic thrust wheel. The hydraulic wheel stop isequipped with an advanced hydraulic control system.

3. Transmission: with single drive and dualdrive. Speed control motor, DC motor or variable frequency speed controlmotor control the speed, reliable operation, energy saving and high efficiency.

4. Cylinder wheel pad: The wheel under padhas fixed type, adjustable type and floating pad. It has the characteristics ofsimple structure, convenient maintenance and replacement, and no damage to thecylinder.

5. Sealing device: According to differentkiln type design, there are a variety of sealing forms to choose from. Cylindercompression face seal, spring compression face seal, heavy weight graphiteblock seal, spring graphite block seal, fish scale labyrinth seal, axiallabyrinth seal, and the above-mentioned combination seal and the currently usedflexible seal, etc. The cylinder has strong adaptability and good sealingeffect.

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