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Kaolin superfine pulverization process and equipment

Kaolin superfine pulverization process and equipment

Ultrafine pulverization is an importantmeans of fine processing of kaolin. According to the requirements of the finalproduct and the fine grinding method, the ultrafine pulverization processing ofkaolin can be divided into dry method and wet method.

1. Kaolin dry superfine crushing

The dry method is mostly used for ultrafinepulverization of hard kaolin or kaolinite, especially for directly processingkaolinite into ultrafine powder that meets user requirements. At present, thefineness of products that can be achieved by domestic dry production isgenerally d90 10μm, that is, the final product is about 1250 mesh.

Most of the dry processing equipment uses ajet mill, a cyclone self-grinding machine, a high-speed mechanical impact typeultra-fine grinding machine, and a vibration mill. In order to control theparticle size distribution of the product, especially the maximum particlecontent, it is often necessary to configure a fine grading device. At present,a turbo-type air centrifugal classifier such as an LHB type, an ATP type, an MSand an MSS type dry centrifugal classifier is generally provided.

2. Kaolin wet superfine pulverization(peeling)

Kaolin wet superfine pulverization ismostly used for ultrafine pulverization of soft and sandy kaolin after sandremoval and impurity removal, especially for processing grade kaolin productswith d802μm or d902μm, and also for industrial hard use. An ultrafine pulverizationmethod that must be employed for kaolin or kaolin processing of paint gradekaolin products with d80 2 μm or d90 2 μm.

Since the flaky crystal form of kaolin isan excellent property for its application in some fields, the wet superfinepulverization of kaolin is also called flaking, which means that the thickerlamellar kaolin is peeled into thinner lamellas to keep it. Original crystalfeatures.

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