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Selection method of ball mill for mineral processing plant

Selection method of ball mill for mineral processing plant

When the ore dressing plant is first built,it is necessary to design the placement position of each type of equipment and the required floor space. This requires having to select the type of equipmentand determine the quantity in advance. The ball mill is an indispensableequipment for each concentrator, and the grinding operation is the last stepbefore the selection. The importance is obvious. How to choose the appropriateball mill has become an inevitable problem in the initial stage of theconstruction of the plant.

The choice of ball mill seems to be simple,but it is not. We should consider the raw ore properties, mineral processingyield, equipment performance, parameter values and other factors to select theappropriate ball mill equipment. These four aspects are introduced one by oneto help you choose the right and appropriate equipment.

First, the nature of the ore

The ore minerality mainly refers to thehardness of the ore. The hardness of the ore determines the diameter and lengthof the ball mill cylinder. For the fragile mineral with less hardness, thecylinder diameter can be selected according to the daily output, and the lengthof the cylinder is the shorter length can be selected to avoid over-grinding;for the hard-to-break rare ore, a ball mill with a large cylinder diameter isneeded to enlarge the inner space of the cylinder, strengthen the grinding effectof the grinding medium on the mineral, and also length. To select a longercylinder and increase the grinding time, the discharge particle size can bequickly reached and the rework can be avoided.

Second, mineral processing process output

The process production, production capacityand plant selection scale of the beneficiation process should be the dominantfactor in selecting the ball mill of the beneficiation plant. The remainingconditions can be considered in the second place. The selected ball mill outputis lower than the factory scale, which may delay the construction period andeven affect the subsequent sorting operation. The selected ball mill output ishigher than the factory scale, which will cause unnecessary waste. In addition,it should be considered when selecting. Complex concentrate re-grinding,medium-mineral re-grinding, tailings re-grinding, re-election rough grinding,fine grinding, etc., all need to be extracted rationally.

Third, equipment performance

In the choice of equipment performance, wemust first consider whether it can adapt to the mineral processing technologyand scale. For example, some chemicals or minerals may be easily oxidized orcorroded. In this case, silica balls, ceramic balls, ceramic linings, Rubberlining, etc.

Fourth, parameter values

Before selecting the ball mill model, theball mill's effective volume, optimal speed, throughput, maximum ball loading,motor power, etc. should be roughly calculated according to the size of theconcentrator and the beneficiation process. Refer to the technical parametervalues given by the professional ball mill manufacturer. Compare, finallychoose the right model, in addition, the selection of the liner, steel ball andother accessories should also be considered.

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