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Classification and application of vibrating feeders

Classification and application of vibrating feeders

1. Heavy-duty plate feeder, light plate feeder, trough feeder, motor vibrating feeder

1. Heavy plate feeder

The advantage of the heavy-duty platefeeder is that the ore amount can be adjusted according to the speed of thechain plate, and the impact resistance is greater than that of any one of thefeeders. Therefore, the balance is long, the service life is long, and theamount of ore is large. (Heavy plate feeders are used for rough breaks in largemines).

2, light plate feeder

Light plate feeders are mostly used forrough breaking feeds in small and medium-sized mines.

3, trough feeder

The trough feeder has a simple structureand a small footprint, and is mostly used for small mine rough breakingfeeders.

4. Motor with eccentric hammer vibratingfeeder

The motor with eccentric hammer vibratingfeeder has large amplitude, uneven feeding and large feeding amount, and ismostly used for automobile transfer silos and automobile feeding.

Second, the hanging motor vibration feederlarge electromagnetic vibration feeder

It is often used in medium crushing andfine crushing feeders. Its advantage is that the feeding material is stable,and the feeding amount can be selected according to the size of the crusher.Disadvantages: mud, water-bearing ore is easy to be knotted, and feeding isdifficult.

Third, small and medium-sizedelectromagnetic vibration feeder, pendulum feeder, disc feeder

1. Small and medium electromagneticvibration feeder

Small and medium-sized electromagneticvibrating feeders are mostly used for ball mill feeding. The advantage is thatthe amount of pellets can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the current.After adjustment, the amount of ore is stable and no sprinkling is required.The disadvantage is that the mud and water-bearing ore are difficult andunstable.

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder

2, pendulum feeder

The pendulum feeder is used for ball-grindingfeeding. The advantage is that the ore content is stable and the material isnot sprinkled. The water-bearing and mud-bearing ore has little effect on theore supply. The disadvantage is that adjusting the feeding amount must be alittle troublesome, and the crank stroke needs to be adjusted. The two crankstrokes must be adjusted consistently.

3, disc feeder

The disc feeder is generally used for ballmill feeding. Its advantage is that it is superior to other feeding feeders forwater-bearing and mud-bearing ore mining. The disadvantage is that the feedingmaterial cannot be stabilized, the material around the disc is scattered, andthe post work is labor intensive.

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