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The relationship between grinding ball volume adjustment and output increase

The relationship between grinding ball volume adjustment and output increase

The ball mill is one of the commonly usedequipments in the mineral processing equipment. The ball loading capacity ofthe ball mill not only affects the grinding efficiency and the improvement ofthe production technology, but also relates to the service life of the ballmill. Therefore, mastering the ball balance of the ball mill is a veryimportant part of the ball mill. Here are some questions about the ball load ofthe ball mill.

Ball mill balls loading and output

The output of the ball mill has a directrelationship with the amount of ball loaded. When a ball mill is in operation,its efficiency generally depends on the sum of the work done by each ball (thenumber of impacts and the impact force). Therefore, it is necessary to givefull play to the performance of each steel ball, which is to limit the steelballs moving along different tracks (tracks) as far as possible withoutcollision. Too much, the steel balls are pressed against each other, so thatsome steel balls cannot fall to the required height and fall, and the breakingability of each steel ball cannot be fully exerted, and at the same time, thekinetic energy is increased. Too little, although the crushing ability of eachsteel ball is fully exerted, the total crushing capacity is still limited.Therefore, you must choose the appropriate amount of ball loading.

According to the actual results of thelaboratory, when the filling amount of the steel ball in the cylinder is 40%,the output is the highest, and the filling rate of the general steel ball inproduction is about 35%, that is, the volume of the ball is kept lower than thehorizontal center line.

How much is the ball loader?

When the rotational speed of the ball millis fixed, the volume of the ball is only 10% of the volume of the cylinder ofthe ball mill. The ball is mainly in the form of a sliding motion, and the ballis not likely to run. When the ball load is gradually increased to 30%, theball's movement is still dominated by sliding, but the turbulence we need isbeginning to appear. When the ball loading exceeds 40%, the movement of theball will prevail in the form of sloping; when the ball loading reaches 50% ofthe total capacity of the cylinder, since the surface of the ball group ispositively in the diameter line of the cylinder up, so it is easy to produceturbulence. Accordingly, it is more appropriate to load between one-third andone-half, and one-half is optimal.

How to check the ball loader

The so-called ball-loading effect shouldmainly consider the size and proportion of the ball. As for the quantity of theball, it has been basically fixed in production. For example, the centralball-type ball mill does not make the balls from the ball mill. The inner rollout limit is limited, and the lattice ball mill load volume should account forabout 50% of the total volume. During the test, the operating conditions of theball mill's ore feeding size, classifier overflow fineness and sand returnamount should be kept as much as possible, and then the rationality of the ballloading ratio can be checked from the following two aspects.

1. The overflow fineness of the ore andclassifiers is unchanged, and the amount of sand returned is reduced, whichindicates that the grinding effect of the ball mill is strengthened, and the amountof ore can be increased.

2. According to the results of thescreening of the sand returned by the classifier, it is found that the numberof ore particles close to the overflow particle size increases, indicating thatthe number of small balls is insufficient; conversely, if the coarse particlesare increased, it indicates that the number of large balls is insufficient.

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