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The importance of grinding media in ball mills

The importance of grinding media in ball mills

The important grinding medium of the mill is the steel ball in the barrel of the ball mill. All the materials ground by the ball mill are made by the collision of the steel balls. Therefore, the quality and material of the grinding ball is particularly important.

High-carbon high-alloy foundry grinding balls and high-carbon low-alloy forging or casting grinding balls are widely used by domestic ball mill manufacturers. In dry processes such as thermal power plants and cement industries, most of them use high- and low-chromium cast irons grinding ball. In the wet process of mining, the ball mill uses high-carbon low-alloy grinding balls.

There are many types of grinding balls in domestic ball mills. Due to the imperfect market economy, the usage of ball mills is not determined according to the process benefits. Many ball mill manufacturers use the cement ball mill for cement grinding, and the selected grinding balls are very random. The main varieties are Cr8 to Cr26 in chromium-based high-alloy cast iron, low-chromium cast iron Cr2 and martensitic ductile iron.

Among them, according to many experiments, martensitic ductile iron and low-chromium cast iron are of the same grade in terms of abrasion resistance. Their difference is in the ball mill production process. The high-alloy cast iron has excellent anti-wear properties. The higher the alloy, the better the anti-wear performance and the good economic benefits. Some people have misunderstood that high-chromium ball cement ball mills are used well, but power plants are not suitable. In fact, domestic and foreign thermal power plants have a good record of using high-chromium balls.

Under the premise of material selection, the matching of the ball mill ball is also very important. The ideal grinding ball grading plus the ideal lining surface shape allows the ball mill to achieve maximum efficiency. The correct choice of material is the ideal grinding ball grading, the ideal lining surface shape for a long time, but also allows the ball mill to maintain the best state.

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