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Brief introduction of fly ash ceramsite production process

Brief introduction of fly ash ceramsite production process

The working principle of the ceramsite sandequipment: that is, the preheating section and the drying section of the kilnbody can be individually controlled to control the rotation speed according tothe state of the raw material. At present, the more common fly ash ceramsite.Fly ash ceramsite has an extremely wide range of uses in the constructionindustry and is a new type of high-tech material that will be more widely usedin the future.

The production process for producing flyash ceramsite is as follows:

The production technology of ceramsite sandproducts is an important indicator basis for measuring whether an enterprisehas advanced nature, whether it has market competitiveness, and whether it cancontinuously lead the competitors. With the rapid development of China'sceramsite sand market, the application and research and development of coreproduction technologies related to it will become the focus of attention in theindustry. Understanding the research and development trends, process equipment,technology applications and trends of the core technology of ceramsite sandproduction at home and abroad is crucial for enterprises to improve productspecifications and improve market competitiveness.

Raw materials (fly ash + quantitativeadmixture) mixed grinding - granulation - swell - stacking - transport(bagging) production of fly ash ceramsite should use double cylinder rotarykiln, that is, preheating section and drying section of kiln body. Therotational speed can be individually controlled to control its warm-up timedepending on the state of the raw material. In recent years, clay ceramsite hasbeen banned from production and use in some areas due to restrictions on landresources. However, some areas can be produced by using river silt andabandoned mountain soil. The ceramsite equipment process is

Raw material agitation - granulation -screening - sintering - stacking - transportation (bagging) should be noted inthe operation to prevent the material from agglomerating in the kiln andaffecting the quality.

Ceramsite sand equipment product features:

At present, the production equipment ofceramsite in China is industrial rotary kiln. The cylindrical main kiln body isplaced on the roller at an inclination of about 3° horizontal. The materialenters the kiln at the high end. Under the action of the kiln body rotating,the material rolls from the height (kiln tail) to the lower part (kiln head).At the same time, at the kiln head, the high pressure fan will pulverize thecoal (Or other fuels such as natural gas are sprayed into the kiln and fullyburned. The heat generated causes physical and chemical changes in the materialto cause swelling, which is both ceramsite after cooling.

The main equipment for producing ceramsitemainly includes:

Raw material storage bin, dust chamber,induced draft fan, main kiln body, coal injection system, control cabinet, etc.The feeder, kiln rotation speed and arch coal volume in the lower part of theraw material warehouse are stepless speed regulation, in order to adjust theprocess parameters and obtain the maximum output under the premise of ensuringproduct quality.

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