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Factors affect ball mill output

Factors affect ball mill output

We know that the beneficiation stage ismainly divided into three stages: pre-selection, sorting and post-election, andgrinding is in the pre-selection stage, so the ball mill output will have acertain degree of influence on the mineral sorting effect and even on therecovery rate and concentrate grade. Therefore, how to ensure the output ofthe ball mill has become a topic of concern, so what are the reasons thataffect the output of the ball mill? List the eight factors, of course, this isa complicated problem, any small details may affect the final output of theball mill, and here are just the main factors listed for reference only!

1. The ball mill design is unreasonable

The ball mill can be divided into a singlecompartment and a double compartment. The ratio of the length of each bin isdifferent. When a single compartment is used, the length ratio of the 1 binshould be 30%~40%, and the length ratio of the 2 bin is 60%~ 70%; doublecompartment, 1 warehouse, 2 warehouse length ratio is 25% to 30%, 3 warehouselength ratio is 45% to 50% (the design ratio of each manufacturer's productsmay be different, the above data only for reference.)

If the length ratio design is unreasonable,it is likely to cause the ball mill to be rough and finely ground, resulting inan over- or too fine phenomenon, which affects the output of the ball mill.

Solution: Choose ball mill equipmentproduced by regular manufacturers, ball mill manufacturers with design anddevelopment team, don't buy small manufacturers or equipment produced by smallworkshops without production qualification, so as not to affect the output.

2. The ball mill is not well ventilated

Under normal operating conditions, due tothe repeated impact friction of the medium in the cylinder, the temperatureinside the mill is continuously increased, causing water vapor to be generatedin the water-containing material. If the ventilation effect of the ball mill isnot good, the water vapor cannot be discharged in time, and the water vaporwill adhere to it. Ball mill lining and steel ball, causing paste or gaze.

Solution: Control the ball millventilation, the ball mill has a good effect, not only can bring out thequalified fine materials in time, but also effectively reduce the over-grindingphenomenon and reduce the ball mill temperature.

3. Ball mill feeding is not reasonable

During the operation of the ball mill,uniform feeding is a necessary condition to ensure the normal operation of theball mill. If the feeding is too small, the ball impact of the ball mill willincrease, causing waste of the medium; if the ball mill feeds too much, theball mill will have insufficient grinding ability. , causing saturation.

Solution: It is necessary to feed in strictaccordance with the feeding standard

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