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Factors affecting limestone calcination (=)

Factors affecting limestone calcination (=)

3. Fuel particle size, ratio

The production of lime kiln for solid fuelis usually fueled by coke and anthracite. The block size of the fuel must becompatible with the block size of the limestone. The rate of decline of thefuel in the kiln must be compatible with its burning rate. If the particle sizeis too small, the temperature in the preheating zone will increase, the calorielayer heat will decrease, and the calcination amount of lime will increase. Ifthe particle size is too large, the fuel will not be completely burned in thecalcination zone, and the calcination zone will move down, which is easy toproduce lime burn.

4. The amount of air supply

In general, the control of the amount ofair is expressed by the pressure, that is, the supply air pressure. In the caseof a suitable fuel ratio, the magnitude of the wind pressure will affect theup- or down-shift of the calcination zone in the lime kiln, and at the sametime affect the change of the kiln gas during the calcination process. The maincomponents of the kiln gas are: CO2, CO, O2, which should be controlled by φ(CO2)=40~42%,φ(CO)<0.4, φ(O2)1.0.

When the CO2 content is lower than 35%, theraw calcination of the produced lime increases; when the CO content is high,the combustion of the fuel is incomplete, and it is also a feature ofnodulation in the kiln; when the O2 concentration is too high, If the supplyair volume is too large, it will increase the lime burn rate and heat loss,which is not conducive to calcination.

5. Installation kiln method

The Installation kiln method of the limekiln is a mixed kiln method and a layered kiln method. The mixing method canmake the limestone and the fuel mixture relatively uniform, and is suitable forthe shaft kiln with small ratio and small fuel addition at one time; the layeringmethod is convenient for adjusting the distribution state of the fuel in thekiln section, and is suitable for the vertical kiln with a large ratio.

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