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The advantage of gas-fired lime kiln in production!

The advantage of gas-fired lime kiln in production!

Gas burning lime kiln

With the continuous deepening of environmental protection, the gas-fired lime kiln opposite to the mixed-burning lime kiln has become a new darling. The gas-fired lime kiln is a new fuelcalcining equipment. The general fuel can be flammable green such as naturalgas, blast furnace gas or liquefied petroleum gas. Environmentally friendlyfuel, gas-fired lime kiln cylinder is perpendicular to the horizontal plane andis a professional limestone calcining equipment. What are the advantages ofgas-fired lime kiln?

Advantage 1: Saving energy

1. Gas-fired lime kiln saves energy,especially with the use of blast furnace residual gas and coke oven residualgas, calcium carbide tail gas and other various industrial furnace residual gascan turn waste into treasure, and harm to profit, which can maximize energysaving and usage.

Advantage 2: Good lime quality

2. The temperature in the furnace isuniform and the quality of the calcined lime is good. Gas fuel can be burned inall the voids of limestone. There is no dead angle. Solid fuel is difficult toachieve. If there is little unevenness in the fabric, the temperature will behigh or low. Because the gas burning flame is uniform and simultaneous heatrelease, and the adjustability is strong. It can achieve rapid combustion andrapid cooling, so the lime activity is good.

Advantage 3: Easy to detect, good operation

3. Good detection, good operation. Becausethe temperature of the gas kiln and the gas, air flow, and pressure can bedetected by the meter, the furnace worker can grasp the furnace condition andadjust the furnace condition according to the test data, unlike the solid fuel,which is not well controlled, even if the furnace is stopped, the furnace isstill in the furnace. Continue to burn. The gas kiln has a short adjustmentperiod and the solid fuel kiln has a long adjustment period.

Advantage 4: Good environmental performance

4. Is conducive to environmentalprotection, because the gas-fired kiln does not have a large amount of harmfulgases and soot emitted by the combustion of solid fuel, and the gas used as theexhaust gas is used as a fuel to reduce emissions to the atmosphere, so it isvery beneficial to the environment.

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