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Selection of lime rotary kiln distributor

Selection of lime rotary kiln distributor

Lime rotary kiln is used for roasting steel plant, active lime and light burned dolomite for iron box gold plant. The mainauxiliary equipment of lime kiln has feeding mechanism, distributor, air supplydevice, ash discharge device, etc. Relatively speaking, The fabric of the limerotary kiln is very important, because when the fuel and limestone aresimultaneously loaded into the kiln, the reasonable distribution of the chargein the kiln must be achieved through the cloth to eliminate the kiln armeffect, balance the resistance in the furnace, and strive to achieve uniformfire over the entire furnace section. Consistent. So how do you choose the limerotary kiln fabric? Let's talk about it.

The choice of lime rotary kiln distributoris critical. In order to have a good calcination effect, the limestone and fuelon the cross section of the kiln must be uniform, which requires an idealdistributor. Our company has designed and manufactured different types ofdistributors for different kiln type and kiln diameter research, includingbell-and-loop combination distributor, three-time probability distributor anddouble-clock distributor. The clock-rotating combiner and the three-periodprobability distributor not only have a reasonable cloth function but also amixing function and a sealing function. Large kiln diameters should of coursebe combined with the distributor. If the kiln diameter is small, double clothor three-probability distributor can be used. For the kiln that recovers theflue gas carbon dioxide from the top of the kiln, the three-time probabilitydistributor should be used to open and close it in sections, so that it has agood sealing effect and is convenient for the recovery of kiln gas. Therefore,the distributor has a great relationship with energy saving.

The above is our choice of lime rotary kilndistributor, if you are still worried about the choice of the distributor,then, after reading the above analysis, we should know how to choose thedistributor.

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