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Shale ceramsite production process and preparation

Shale ceramsite production process and preparation

The shale ceramsite is made from naturalrock shale and is crushed, sieved, preheated and calcined. It is non-toxic,odorless, pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and has goodadsorption performance and strength. Its material is light, compressive,heat-insulating, anti-freezing, shockproof and non-radiative. It is suitablefor building energy-saving materials and also used for various types of waterpurification treatment and soilless cultivation of flower bonsai.

Crushing, granulating, stockpiling

The large shale discharged into the plantis discharged into the silo and sent to the jaw crusher after being crushed bythe plate feeder. It is sent to the rotary sieve screening device by the beltconveyor and is divided into large particles, qualified particles and brokenparticles. . The large particle returning crusher is re-crushed, the brokenparticles are stored, and the qualified particles are sent to the stack forstorage.

Preheating, roasting, screening

The shale with qualified particle size issent to the silo by the forklift, and the belt scale is set under the silo.After the shale is metered, it is sent to the single-tube rotary kiln forcalcination by the belt conveyor. The shale is preheated and calcined in arotary kiln and fired into ceramsite. Then, the high temperature ceramsitefalls into the cooling machine and then is cooled into the finished products ofdifferent particle sizes by the rotary screen, and each is stored in thestorage yard, and then shipped after being bagged.

The natural air that cools the ceramsite inthe cooler is heated and then enters the rotary kiln to assist combustion,which saves fuel. The fuel is fed into the rotary kiln by a high pressureblower through a multi-channel burner. The dusty high-temperature flue gas atthe end of the kiln enters the air cooler to cool down, and then enters the bagdust collector to purify and empty.

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