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Ways to reduce heat loss in rotary kiln(二)

Ways to reduce heat loss in rotary kiln(二)

3. Accurate coal feed. The reason for theinaccurate coal feeding is mainly due to the inflexibility of the equipment ofthe coal feeding system. It is not possible to increase or decrease the amountof coal fed according to the temperature change in the kiln, resulting inincomplete combustion heat loss. Uneven coals cause more problems in runningcoal and breaking coal. For example, the pulverized coal flow difference of thepulverized coal bin cone, the double-tube reamer wearing other coal feedingdevices is not tight, and the pulverized coal measuring equipment has poorperformance. Causes instability and inaccuracy of coal flow indeed.

4. Strengthen the sealing and sealing.Leakage of the kiln head and kiln tail seriously affects the ventilation andfuel combustion in the kiln. The leakage of the preheater system is greaterthan that of the former two. In addition, the airflow and air leakage of eachchamber of the grate cooler are on the coal. The combustion of powder has animpact. The kiln head, the kiln tail, the air leakage of the chiller arerelated to the material of the parts, and the management is not good. Themanagement should be strengthened to keep the air leakage at a low level.

(3) Reduce the heat loss of the clinker ofthe cooler

     Theheat loss taken by clinker in China's rotary kiln generally accounts for 8% ofthe heat consumption of clinker, of which the dry process kiln is about292kJ/kg clinker and the wet process kiln is about 523kJ/kg clinker. To reducethe heat loss of clinker, it is necessary to improve the thermal efficiency ofthe chiller. The kiln-extracting kiln uses a m-type cooler to wear an air beamcooler, and the average thermal efficiency is very high. In addition,strengthen management, give full play to the efficiency of the cooling machine,and also reduce salt heat loss.

(4) Reduce the heat loss of the exhaust gas

Exhaust gas removal heat loss is one of thelargest clinker heat consumption, with an average of 2048kJ/kg clinker,accounting for about 35% of heat consumption. The average dry kiln is 3405kJ/kg clinker, accounting for 53%, the wet kiln is 1116kJ/kg clinker,accounting for 17%, and the semi-dry kiln is 1428kJ/kg clinker, accounting for31.12%. This is mainly because the kiln exhaust gas temperature is high. In theproduction process, after the kiln exhaust gas passes through the 4-5 preheatersystem, the system temperature drops below 380 °C. Although the temperaturedrops, the exhaust gas volume is large, and the exhaust gas belt is large. Theheat that is going is quite impressive. The use of exhaust gas in the system asa drying heat source can achieve good results.

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