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The scope of application of dry grinding and wet grinding of ball mill

The scope of application of dry grinding and wet grinding of ball mill

The milling method of the ball mill can bedivided into dry grinding and wet grinding. The application range of wetgrinding is wide. Most minerals can be wet milled. The application range of drygrinding is smaller, but some materials can only be used. Then, what is theprinciple and scope of the dry grinding and wet grinding of the ball mill?

Ball mill dry grinding principle

The main equipment for dry grinding of ballmills is dry ball mills. The structure of dry ball mills is much moreresponsible than wet ball mills. It must be equipped with air intake devices,dust exhaust pipes and dust collectors, which are determined by its workingprinciple. The dry grinding of the ball mill requires that the material in themill must be dry, and no water or other liquid can be added. The material isground in the mill by the ball mill medium, and the desired product is takenout by the wind or airflow.

Ball mill wet grinding principle

The main equipment of ball mill wetgrinding is wet ball mill. The structure of wet ball mill is simple, no need toadd too many auxiliary parts, water or absolute ethanol is needed in thegrinding process. In the grinding operation, the bulk material will impact inthe ball mill medium. Cracks are generated under the action of grinding, andthe cracks are gradually deepened and deepened, and finally the materials areseparated from the cracks, thereby achieving the effect of grinding largepieces of material.

The material is mixed with the grindingmedium and collides with each other. If it is dry grinding, because there is nomaterial blocking in the crack, it is very likely that the crack will besqueezed smaller during the extrusion process, which will cause the grinding.The mine has low efficiency and the material separation speed is slow; if it iswet grinding, when small cracks appear in the large mineral, the fluidity ofthe water will force the water into the crack, causing a barrier effect, andthen impacting through the grinding medium. And extrusion, it will graduallyincrease the crack, and finally the bulk material is crushed, so the efficiencyof wet grinding is high.

Wet grinding noise is low and grindingefficiency is high

In addition to high grinding efficiency,wet grinding also has the characteristics of low noise, fine and uniformgrinding grain size and less pollution to the working environment. Theadvantage of the dry grinding of the ball mill is that it adopts the slab-typegrinding tail discharging, the discharging speed is fast and smooth, and thebelly phenomenon does not occur, the cylinder body does not need to be cooled,and the service life is long.

Disadvantages of dry and wet grinding

The above is the advantage of dry grindingand wet grinding, and the disadvantages are also there. The disadvantage of drygrinding is that there may be dead angles in the grinding. Once the materialenters the dead angle, if there is no water to drive out, it will not beground; the disadvantage of wet grinding It is a process of dehydration anddrying after grinding, which increases the cost.

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