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Intermittent ball mill features

Intermittent ball mill features

The intermittent ball mill is also called a one-time feed mill. It is mainly used for mixing and grinding materials, andthe product has uniform fineness and power saving. The intermittent ball millperforms dry or wet grinding of various ores and other grind-able materials.

First, lining adaptability

Compared with the high manganese steelliner in the market, the alloy steel ball mill liner in the medium alloy doublemedium quenching shows superior cost performance, and can adapt to wetgrinding, dry grinding and mixed grinding of various mine rocks.

Second, high bending strength of the gear

The accessories of the intermittent ballmill adopt the displacement gear, which can eliminate the undercut phenomenon,so that the gear with weaker bending strength can be greatly strengthened, andthe bending strength of the gear teeth can be more than doubled.

Third, gear insulation and long life

The diameter of the hollow shaft of theball mill's rolling bearing part is thickened, so that the radial distancebetween the rolling bearing and the inlet and outlet spiral barrel is increased,which plays a certain role of heat insulation and temperature reduction, andprolongs the service life of the bearing.

Fourth, energy saving, less wear and tear

Thin oil lubrication is used instead ofgrease lubrication to prevent poor lubrication due to lack of oil, so that thefriction coefficient of various components such as bearings is reduced to avery low level, which greatly reduces the loss rate of components.

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