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How to classify ceramic ball mill according to unloading method?

How to classify ceramic ball mill according to unloading method?

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Each ball mill of ZK Ball Mills will be classified according to different properties to meet your different needs:

Ceramic ball mills are classified accordingto the discharge method:

(1) Tail-loading mill. The material to beground is fed from one end of the mill and discharged from the other end, whichis called a tail-unloading mill.

(2) Medium-discharge mill. The material tobe ground is fed from both ends of the mill and discharged from the middle ofthe mill cylinder, which is called the medium-discharge mill. It is equivalentto the use of two billiard mills in parallel, which makes the equipment compactand simplifies the process. According to the tail discharge mill, there aremany types of discharge, such as grid discharge, overflow discharge, peripheraldischarge and wind discharge.

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